Mark Miller will now oversee Fox’s Marvel properties


Let’s make something perfectly clear: Fox has not been consistent with their Marvel properties. There, I said it. And it’s true! Take an honest look back at the films that they’ve produced and released and you can probably name 3 that you personally like but realize weren’t very good films. Me? I liked X-2 and… uhm… yeah, that’s about it. Daredevil was watchable but forgettable as, Elektra was ignored by the world, as was the Fantastic Four films, and somehow Wolverine’s sequel film has started production before the Deadpool film.



Fox realizes that there’s money in these characters and that they need some assistance so they’ve hired Kick-Ass and Wanted scribe Mark Millar to be there Joss Whedon:


Early last month, following the incredible success of The Avengers, both critically and at the box office, Marvel Studios made the brilliant decision to sign Joss Whedon to a three year contract. The deal has writer/director serving as a consultant on the company’s films through 2015 and the theatrical release of The Avengers 2, which he is also set to script and helm. It would seem that 20th Century Fox liked this idea quite a bit, as they have now found a consultant of their very own.

Deadline has received a press release announcing that Fox has signed a deal with comic book writer Mark Millar that will have him serve as a creative consultant for the projects they own based on Marvel properties. This includes both the characters in the X-Men as well as the Fantastic Four. In addition to his work in the world of Marvel comic books - including titles like Civil War as well as The Ultimates (which The Avengers actually borrowed elements from) - Millar has also had some experience in the film world, as his work was the basis for both Timur Bekmambetov’s Wanted and Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass, and currently has Kick-Ass 2 in development.


I’m seriously hoping this guys first project is the X-Men: Days of Future Past film. Why? Cus X-Men First-Class wasn’t nearly as good or profitable as it could and should have been. The upcoming X-men film is relying on one of those bigger comic storylines that I just can’t stand to see Fox screw up. They already screwed up Galactus, and they followed that up by screwing up the Dark Phoenix Saga, and topped it off by pre-ruining Deadpool and losing Daredevil back to Marvel. It’s clear that the movie studios have a hard-on for that Avengers money that got generated in May and if Fox is able to bring some stability to their properties then they have potential to do some similar numbers.


Can the “Civil War” scribe get Fox’s Marvel films back on track?


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