Uncut Podcast For July 16th 2009

Hey there guys. We’re back for another installment of The Movie Blog Uncut podcast. Today I’m joined once again by Soul Video, and along with us comes Kristopher Tapley (Senior Editor of In Contention) and Christina Warren (contributor at Flickcast and her own popular blog)

Today we talk about a bunch of stuff including:

1) The Oscars expanding the Best Picture category to 10 nominees

2) A new pet peeve at the movie theaters

3) Scream 4

4) Should they be doing a “Let the Right One In” remake?

5) Green Lantern casting

All this and a few things more.

You can listen to or download this installment of the podcast right here

  • The Other James Taylor

    My only hope is that you guys do another dvd commentary together. The Dark Knight commentary is more enjoyable in my opinion than ALOT of other commentaries I’ve listened to.