The Movie Blog Podcast: November 4th 2009

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Today’s topics:

1) AMC Theatres new website

2) Stevem Martin and Alec Baldwin host the Oscars

3) 3 Men and a Baby gets another movie

4) New Prince of Persia trailer

5) This is it

6) My problems with Law Abiding Citizen

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37 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Podcast: November 4th 2009

  1. Leave little Micheal rest in peace already!

    We killed M.J.

    WE=Media,fans,so-called fans,the general public,the tabloids,press, the douce bag that just wanted money and made his kid lie about the whole affair,and our whole dark opinions of him… we made that dude go over the fence of crazy and made sure WE kept him there….

    Think About it!


    1. No.

      He dyed his skin albino and ripped his nose off when we loved him.

      We still loved him and then he invited little children to sleep in his house.

      No homo but he used to be a fucking handsome normal looking guy, too. Why would he paint himself pale white? Nobody hated him before that.

      Theres no dispute his music was good, however.

      1. Why do guys feel the need to say “no homo” before complimenting a guy? You don’t see women doing that before complimenting another woman’s looks or outfit.

      2. Its different. Girls dont have dicks or balls.

        Btw I have a gay friend who actually says “No hetero” its pretty funny.

        No homo but I just saw an Avatar trailer on TV and it looks pretty good.

  2. Hey John its nice to hear from you again in any from on the Movie blog. And I have to agree with you I don’t believe that MJ raped thoses boys and I think that its dumb that people still accuse him of that even after he is died. But I have to disagree with you some what on the This Is It film. I saw it and its great, could they have come up with something better if they took more time. Maybe. I’ve never worked on a film of any kind so I don’t know all that goes into the process, but I know that this film did show us a bunch of the acts from his concert and it was great. The Director of the film was also the director of the Tour, so I think that could have help them to create a better film out of this movie, as he would know what to look for.


    I thought Gerard Butler’s character had considered that the bomb moved, but didn’t care if he died (or the people at city hall) so he could be with his family in heaven.

    I do agree though about Jamie Foxx getting back so quickly. They should have shown him boarding a helicopter or something.

  4. Hey John.

    Thanks for the new podcast, been a month,

    Good luck with the awesome new site. You deserve some recognition.

    Damn it, my stomach as been horrible all week man. Sucks don’t it?

  5. Hey, nice podcast John. Really didn’t need to hear about the diarrhea, but the rest of it was great. Thanks for giving me the goods on “Law Abiding Citizen.” I was moving back and forth between seeing it or not. By the way, do you have a dog? I thought I heard a dog moving around at about 21:00. I’m happy with the Oscar hosts this year. Should prove very entertaining. And just in case you’re reading this, I’d like to hear the group’s thoughts on the new Ghost Rider 2 news; how it will have a much darker tone, and be more of a reboot-type film. Of course, feel free to bash the first one. Please. But yeah, another great podcast.

  6. John

    Jamie Fox was already on his way back after his “light bulb idea” moment while Gerald Butler not only gets checked by security (which took a while) but for some reason stayed in his van for 40 minutes just chilling.

    When Fox leaves Butler is still pretending to be a Janitor.

    But I agree the ending sucked, not for the same reason you hated it though.
    I think it would have been raw if Butler kills the politicians and at the last second is ABOUT to kill Fox, but forgives him and disappears. Remember how they hinted 6000000 times that “Jamie Fox is the last piece of the chess game” well they never had that confrontation between Butler and Fox (they did, but that wasnt intentional)

    But, the part in which he talks to Fox in the prison cell for the confession, or in the court with the judge…. was fucking genius, you have to admit.

  7. Thats funny, im pleased with alec and steve but for very different reason. I’m in the minority for thinking this, but I’ve always thought it best to let the movie stars have their night, sit back, and enjoy the show while a comedian or television actor hosts the show. It just seems more fitting to me that they be catered upon by someone from another medium working to make their night comfortable. I understand both Alec and Steve are in movies, but today Alec is primarily television with 30 Rock and Steve just tours with his Banjo. so I’m pleased that they went with a tv dude and comedian. really, what it comes down to is that these guys are great with both mediums, which makes them a great choice.

  8. Hey Josh congrats on the new job and the Anniversary glad to have you back i have been flowing you on the movie blog for a long time and i was wondering what was going on but glad u are back

    1. Hey Blu-Ray,

      How can you say you agree with Gigian… and then say you have to see proof before jumping to conclusions? Gigian is making the assumption and conclusion that Jackson is guilty without any proof.

      So which is it? Do you agree with Gigian, or do you think someone is innocent until proven guilty?

      1. I’m not taking one side or the other, but your talking like “innocent til proven guilty” is an infallible code of conduct. Because, you know, a guilty person has never walked free because he was proven “innocent” in a court. Just like an innocent has never been found guilty for something they didn’t do. That kinda stuff never happens. Do people actually believe in “innocent til proven guilty”?

    2. Jeremy

      You do know that there’s a difference in a court case when someone is declared “innocent” or declared “not guilty”, right? Those are two VERY different conclusions/verdicts.

      1. Godfather…you’re wrong

        you know in a US court of law a person can only be found ‘Guilty’ or ‘Not Guilty’ right?(except for a mistrial of course) There is no ‘innocent’ verdict.

        Its not the courts job to prove the defendant factually innocent. Its the prosecutions job to prove them guilty.

        “In a criminal case, the verdict is either a “not guilty” or a “guilty” finding, except in Scotland where the verdict of “not proven” is also available. Different counts in the same case may have different verdicts.”

  9. Congratulations on your new gig, John. My problem with “This Is It” is that its a tribute to someone who fucks little boys.

    1. Hey Gigian,

      You do realize that was pretty much proven to be false right? They caught the dad of the kid on a taped phone conversation admitting he was after Jackson’s money. Go look it up.

      1. Very nice John….that’s a reality, an accused is not guilty until proven guilty.
        MJ was a legend. There is no doubt that he spread the message of peace all around the globe, even when media was bent on destroying him….


      2. “an accused is not guilty until proven guilty.”

        I love how people say that when they are talking about Jackson, but if this were someone else they would be attacking him/her as quickly as I would.


        If you can show the ORIGINAL copy of the tape(no links, the ORIGINAL copy), and proof that it wasn’t made as a way to deceice everyone after Jackson paid them off. Proof that Jackson didn’t pay off the police that inspected his home, proof that he didn’t pay off the jurors or that their decision wasn’t biased because they are fans. THEN I’ll gladly apologize for my hateful remarks I’ve made about Jackson over the years. Well, at least those about him being a pedophile anyway. Hes still scum by dangling his kid over a balcony and making a hit list of all the people he hated.

      3. Gigian,

        The tape was admitted in court.

        And you’re asking for PROOF that Jackson didn’t buy off jurors… etc. etc. etc. means you’re saying he’s guilty until proven innocent?

        The onus in ANY case is on the accuser to PROVE someone did what they were accused of, not the other way around. There is a reason for that.

        The parents knew they would get beat in court and so they settled the case. If I were a parent of a child I thought somone molested, I’d NEVER settle no matter what. The fact of the matter is they were just after Jackson’s money.

      4. all legal issues aside.
        he was not a sane person.
        a person who denies getting plastic surgery to get a dimple in your chin passing it off as ‘my body is chaning!’ at 40+ years old is just plain silly.
        He may not be a rapist but he was a man who was unsuitable to be a father,an eccentric creepshow,and someone who was CLEARLY addicted to drugs/self modifications/plastic surgery.

        he was just a man. the fact that this movie was made is beyond foolish to me. he was a good pop song writer…thats it…not a saint.

        and the same media that you all claim was bent on destroying him in life is doing a great job in having everyone forget what a nutjob he was by making him a saint in death.

      5. It was proven false, I hate when people say he was a rapist without proof. The dad wanted his money, it’s plain, simple, and logical to see.

        Dave: Yeah he might have been messed up but keep in mind he never had a true childhood, he most likely never grew up (always a child in his head), and the court case thing ruined him and broke him. That was sad.

        Interesting film.

    2. It is interesting how his death has almost painted him a saint. I think Lewis Black said it best when he refurred to MJ as nothing more than a punchline. But how quickly people jumped off the I hate MJ bandwagon onto the he was a genius bandwagon. If you asked people what they thought of him the day before he died, you would have recieved a much different answer than today.

      1. Uhhhh… why were little toddlers sleeping over his house in the first place?

        Whereas hes a rapist or not the guy was fucking creepy.

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