Sony Acquires film rights to Risk

Once again a popular product will be attached to a film purely for the purpose of brand recognition. This will join Monopoly, viewmaster and Battleship as the plotless toy making the leap to the big screen.

Sony has bought the rights to a Risk film.

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Sony Pictures has acquired the film rights to the classic board game “Risk,” which was invented in 1957 by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse as “La Conquete du Monde” (Conquest of the World). Two years later, in 1959, Parker Brothers (now a division of Hasbro) published the game we all came to know as “Risk.”

Now that is interesting indeed. I had no idea that Risk was originally invented by a film maker. Perhaps this will be more about the story of how Risk got made, but its likely to be loosely tied to the premise of the game and giving us a war strategy film.

Maybe it will be like War Games meets Jumanji where some kids are playing the game unwittingly controlling a real war.

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