Randy Queen reveals Darkchylde movie plans

Darkchylde.jpgThe Darkchylde comic series is the next to start the lengthy walk towards the big screen, and it’s confirmed from the creator himself, Randy Queen. Not only that but he seems really optimistic that this is going to be good. Moviehole have his comments from his official site:

“We have a terrific script that’s very frightening and better than the original comic. It could be the kick in the pants to horror that the matrix was to sci-fi. I absolutely believe that”, says Queen on his official site.

“I’m working with Dark Horse, the folks that produced the suberb HELLBOY film, and we’re trying to find a home, financing and a strong lead. There just aren’t that many original horror films being produced, and It remains as something I will continue to invest time, money and energy into.”

There are a number of things going for this already, the production team are way more comic focused than most as well as having a good track record in comic adaptations, and the original creator looks to be heavily involved, and his vision is good. For those of you who don’t know the series, it is original:

…tells the yarn of a cursed southern teen who discovers she can become the creatures from her many nightmares and then must save her small town from the forces of darkness she’s set free.

This could well turn out to be good, but again, it’s early days. Are there any Darkchylde fans out there who have thoughts on the movie adaptation, is it a good idea or a disaster in progress, and who to play her?

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