The best comic-themed slots

Movie studios have made a lot of money turning popular comic books into movies, and it is from those hugely successful movies that something else has been produced – comic-themed slots games. Thanks to ever-advancing technology, players no longer need to travel to places like Monaco and Las Vegas in order to play on such slot machines, as online bookmakers like Paddy Power host comic-themed slots from some of the biggest and best game developers.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys playing comic-themed games, then keep reading and you can discover some of the best around.

Batman: The Dark Knight

The hugely successful movie series from DC Universe, Batman, in particular the Dark Knight film, helped to reinvigorate the popularity of superhero themed slots. Inspired by the characters, there are bonuses from both the Joker and Batman himself.

In order to activate the bonus, all you need to do is line the reels up to show all Batman faces or all Joker faces. If you achieve this, you will get the chance to flip a coin with Batman or the Joker’s faces on it. If you lined up all Batman face and then the coin lands on the Batman’s face, you activate a bonus and the same goes with the Joker. Successfully achieve this and you will have the chance re-spin and try your luck again.

Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin

The Spider-Man series of films have been rebooted twice now, and they continue to be successful. They’ve not only progressed into a highly successful game on games consoles, but also into slot games.

Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin is the most popular Spider-Man-themed slot game and features a bonus which sees Spider-Man chase a classic villain – the Green Goblin. Spider-Man chases him after a bank robbery before eventually dishing out a typical Spider-Man criminal-catching beat down.

The whole feel of the game brings about a feel of old school Spider-Man while also offering a great experience to the modern-day player.

Incredible Hulk

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a slot game with the Incredible Hulk plastered all over it, then this isn’t the game for you. But it does create a great experience with some police cars and some Hulk logos.

It’s not all bad though, as the bonus feature sees the Incredible Hulk tear the machine apart, reducing the number of reels from five to two. By doing this, it feels as though the Hulk is helping you try to hit the jackpot. But this isn’t the only bonus on the game as there is also one which sees the player select helicopters and police cars to take down, which offer multipliers if you’re lucky.

Iron Man

Playtech developed Iron Man themed slots games that were launched in conjunction with the second and third movies from the series. The two slots game vary slightly, with the Iron Man 2 game featuring Iron Man, Black Widow, and War Machine, while the Iron Man 3 game has the traditional jack, queen and king.

Both games allow the player to win big and are modelled on what can only be described as an “iconic performance” from Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr.


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