“Walking With M”: A Doc About A Journey of Peace (and Wins Awards!)

Ever felt like the world needs a little more peace and understanding? Well, filmmaker Akash Sagar Chopra‘s documentary “Walking With M” might be just the ticket. This award-winning film chronicles a truly inspiring journey that’s not just about walking, but about transforming hearts and minds.

“Walking With M” isn’t your typical documentary. It tells the incredible story of Sri M, a peace advocate and author, who embarked on a massive walk across India. He walked a whole 7,500 kilometers to be exact! That’s like walking from New York City to Los Angeles… twice! But Sri M wasn’t just out for some exercise. He was leading the “Walk of Hope,” a movement aimed at promoting peace and harmony within India’s diverse communities.

The journey of Chopra

This powerful documentary isn’t just about Sri M’s epic trek. Chopra, the film’s director, spent seven years crafting a masterpiece. He poured over 1,500 hours of footage, capturing the essence of the 474-day journey as Sri M and his fellow walkers traversed India’s stunning landscapes. The film’s impact has been nothing short of phenomenal. “Walking With M” has garnered awards at film festivals across Europe, including the Best Documentary Award at the Berlin FFI in Milan and the Global Peace and Harmony Award at The Hague. It’s also received nominations for Best Director, Best Editing, and the Historical Interest Award!

But awards are just one piece of the puzzle. “Walking With M” has resonated with audiences at screenings around the world, from Milan and Athens to Budapest and London. The film even had its US premiere in San Francisco, where it packed the house for three sold-out shows! Back in India, the film received a hero’s welcome with a standing ovation lasting a whopping seven minutes at its Mumbai premiere.

Akash Sagar Chopra, the mastermind behind “Walking With M,” is understandably thrilled. He sees the film’s success as a testament to the power of the “Walk of Hope” movement. Sagar Pictures Entertainment, the film’s Indian distributor, has even announced plans to bring “Walking With M” to North America and dub it into various Indian languages for screenings across the country.

So, if you’re looking for a documentary that will inspire you, move you, and maybe even give you a little hope for humanity, then “Walking With M” is a must-watch. It’s more than just a film – it’s a journey of peace, understanding, and the incredible power of walking (and talking) together.

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