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ANYONE BUT YOU Reignites Excitement For Rom Coms Again

I’m usually not a fan of rom-coms, despite having seen my fair share of them. So it may seem out of character for me to be praising such a movie right now, but it’s difficult not to be a little impressed by Anyone But You. The movie almost everyone wrote off, tearing down both main leads’ chemistry and just being overall way too harsh after just a trailer. But it kept chugging along to become one of the quieter hits of the year. Read on for my Anyone But You review to find out why it’s definitely getting added to the more classic rom-coms list.

Please note that this Anyone But You review will be completely spoiler-free.

Sincerity Trumps Tropes In New Rom-Com

Anyone But You review Sweeney.

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Anyone But You is a very conventional romantic comedy that is full of all the typical tropes of the genre. Traditionally good-looking, leading man Glen Powell plays Ben, who meets Sydney Sweeney’s Bea and sparks fly! But not in a good way. The two start off with intense chemistry which becomes a hateful rage after your obligatory first act misunderstanding. What follows is a series of situations where the two have to come together and sort out their extreme feelings for each other, while also learning a lot about themselves in the process. Again, typical rom-com.

But where Anyone But You stands out is that it seems like the movie knows it’s a rom-com and leads into all the tropes, while also subverting them a little. The story takes unexpected twists and turns, and while the situations and setup are familiar, the execution and misdirection keep things very fresh. And it helps that the performances, dialogue and dynamics feel so sincere and genuine. The performances are aware of the story’s genre, while still being genuine and committed to the bits. I mean, casting Dermott Mulroney as the father of the bride is a pretty great case of stunt casting here which works beautifully.

Sweeney And Powell Shine In Anyone But You Review

Anyone But You review Powell.

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The stars of the movie are obviously Powell and Sweeney. The two share great chemistry and their scenes together are what keep the story moving forward. Whether a romantic scene, a steamy one, or one with angry screaming — both actors light up the screen with their presence. Powell’s the perfect choice for Ben, whose entire vibe is of the typical stud to whom everything comes easy. But he also has layers that he isn’t open about. While Powell is still growing as an actor, he easily does what’s required of him here, and just makes Ben feel like a real person.

Sweeney is wonderful here as well. Bea is going through a sort of identity crisis regarding her future, and Sweeney plays that struggle in a very grounded way. It never feels like an over-the-top melodrama, but is more subtle and real. Of the two, I would say Sweeney has an edge in the range she conveys. I enjoyed the way the characters were written as well, flirting close to the conventional rom-com leads, while still staying far enough away to be interesting and fresh. Much like the movie itself.

Anyone But You is now available on home video.

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ANYONE BUT YOU Reignites Excitement For Rom Coms Again
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