“Real Estate Sisters”: A Hilarious South African Film Makes NYC Debut!

Real Estate Sisters

Move over bland biopics and forget those snooze-worthy open house scenes! Buckle up for a side-splitting comedy from South Africa that’s just landed in the Big Apple. I had the incredible chance to catch the pre-release screening of “Real Estate Sisters” at the New York Film Academy, and let me tell you, this movie is hilarious!

Written by the dynamic duo of Zoe Ramushu and Reabetswe Moeti, “Real Estate Sisters” dives into the world of, well, sisters in real estate. But ditch the boring stereotypes! This movie explodes with laugh-out-loud moments that will have you snorting popcorn and wiping away happy tears.

After the film, a wonderful Q&A session with Ramushu and Moeti ignited the room at NYFA. These two are seriously inspiring. They tackled the challenges of getting their film made, from the ever-present funding hurdles to the fight for more opportunities for female filmmakers, especially in Africa.

“There’s a lot of writing and data… because you can’t actually do anything if you don’t know what’s on the ground,” said Moeti, highlighting the need for more research and collaboration within the African film industry. “We keep asking the same questions, so I think that’s a start.”

Ramushu echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of information sharing and empowering others:

“Training on the job, onsite, intern and exposing people to the information that we hold so that we’re not the only people considered at the table. That’s very important to us.”

It was a powerful conversation, but they also kept it real and funny, which is exactly the magic of “Real Estate Sisters.” Here’s the thing that truly resonated with me: This movie isn’t afraid to be proudly South African. It’s got its own unique flavor, a refreshing departure from Hollywood clones. Ramushu and Moeti are breaking barriers and telling stories that demand to be heard.

“We have so much of a solution,” said Ramushu. “As opposed to just looking at what the problems are, and you look at what they are. We have to shift some of that conversation.”

So, if you’re searching for a hilarious movie that will also make you think, “Real Estate Sisters” is a must-watch. Keep your eyes peeled for it! This one’s destined for greatness.

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