How To Train Your Dragon: A Live-Action Remake is On Its Way

Once upon a time, live-action remakes seemed exclusive to Disney. However, this new year has more to offer than expected. Here’s how Dreamworks’ dream project, which is the first-ever live-action remake of How To Train Your Dragon, is taking center stage in 2024.

Dragon Training Gets Real, Literally

How To Train Your Dragon

While it’s still undisclosed, whether the live-action reboot of How To Train Your Dragon will stick to the same script as the first animated installment, it’s assumed, according to the history of real-life remakes of animated films, that the story will relatively be the same. It’s also unclear whether the live-action film will have 3 installments, but all of this could be a great surprise, so we’ll just have to wait since things are still brewing in the film-making cauldron.

If the live-action remake will be anything like the OG release, then it should follow the story of Hiccup, the seemingly incapable son of a higher-up in the Viking clan. Hiccup befriends a wacky dragon, named Toothless, and together with his friends, they must overcome trouble and come to peace with the Viking tribe because dragons and Vikings being buddy-buddy is a big no.

The (Rumored) Cast

As for the live-action cast of How To Train Your Dragon, only 3 actors have been finalized to star in this much-anticipated feature. Gerald Butler is confirmed to play Stoick, The Vast (whose voice actor was also Butler), Hiccup’s father. Mason Thames will be playing the titular role of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Nico Parker will star as Astrid Hofferson, the love interest and classmate of Hiccup.

The rest of the casting is still underway, but it’s not sure whether or not Jay Baruchel (the original voice actor of Hiccup) will make his presence in the live-action reboot of How To Train Your Dragon. As for the dragon, Toothless, whether it will be a CGI masterpiece or something else, is still unsure, but we do hope it wins hearts once again.

On the bright side though, the original director of the How To Train Your Dragon franchise, Dean DeBlois, is going to work his magic in the live-action film as well, making this reboot extremely promising. This is the first time that an original director of the animated film will direct the live-action remake, so that says a lot about the hype of the movie already. Marc Platt, the maker of major blockbusters like La La Land and Legally Blonde, will also be teaming up with DeBlois on this anticipated addition to the How To Train Your Dragon franchise.

Expected Release

The exhilarating live-action feature is set to be released on 13th June 2025, although the initial release date was in early March 2025, but was affected by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Whether you fancy animated films or their live-action reprise, How To Train Your Dragon is going to cover all nine yards and it’s sure to leave fans stunned.

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