Top 10 Movies Perfect For Christmas

Christmas and December are synonymous with snuggling on the couch with a warm soft blanket and a piping-hot beverage and binge-watch movies that appropriately fall into the theme of the festive season. Here are 10 movies that are perfect to watch this Christmas.

1. Home Alone (1990)

What happens when a family, that’s about the size of a football team, accidentally leaves their 8-year-old kid behind for the holidays? Kevin McCallister is a witty kid with more ideas up the sleeve of his Christmas sweater than any police team. Watch him in Home Alone, as he enjoys his time in his opulent Chicago mansion and saves the entire neighborhood from a group of thieves.

2. Love Actually (2003)

What’s better than a Christmas movie focusing on one primary couple? A Christmas movie that focuses on 10 lives that are played out perfectly and interlinked with each other, of course! Love Actually is a movie packed with everything: from laughter, to adorably romantic plot lines and a cast straight out of your dreams. It’s a must-watch for the festive season.

3. Elf (2003)

Elf is a movie that will not only tug at your heartstrings but leave your cheeks hurting after laughing so much. Starring Bill Ferrell as Buddy, Elf revolves around a person with a mistaken identity, who goes to New York in search of his parents. Cue in some drama and romance and this is the perfect way to end a holiday night.

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Adapted from Dr. Seuss’s renowned children’s novel, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is all about reviving one’s faith in the spirit and message of Christmas. Grinch, a reclusive and grumpy green creature, hates Christmas with a passion, but a 6-year-old girl has different plans as she tries to make the Grinch push past his initial hurt and change his perspective on Christmas. It’s a wonderful movie that’s loved by kids and adults, alike.

5. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Getting stranded in New York City during the holidays sounds horrific, but not for the witty and clever Kevin McCallister. Watch him roam around the streets of New York in the second installment of Home Alone, as he tries to sabotage a robbery plan, make unexpected allies, and reunite with his family just in time for Christmas.

6. A Christmas Carol (2009)

As far as Disney movies and adaptations are concerned, A Christmas Carol is a masterpiece. Adapted from Charles Dickens’s novel, it stars Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge, who is the human version of the Grinch and hates all things Christmas. He’s forced to embark on a journey of redemption and has a change of heart and character.

7. The Polar Express (2004)

Join the heartwarming journey of a boy, who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus but ends up boarding a mysterious and magical train that’s going to the North Pole. Filled with pure animated bliss, The Polar Express follows the story of Billy, as he embarks on an adventure on Christmas Eve and meets Santa in the flesh.

8. The Holiday (2006)

Exchanging homes with a stranger from the other side of the world doesn’t sound like a bright idea, but Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) decide to take the plunge to spark up some excitement. Throw in some handsome and equally funny male leads like Jude Law and Jack Black, The Holiday is the perfect rom-com.

9. The Family Stone (2005)

An engagement on Christmas sounds wonderful, right? Well, in The Family Stone, everything can go hilariously wrong. Featuring an Oscar-worthy cast, uptight parents, and a cherished heirloom, this movie will leave you rolling on the couch, laughing.

10. Klaus (2019)

Based on one of the original stories of Santa Claus, Klaus follows the unlikely friendship between an irresponsible postman, Jesper, and an introverted toy-maker, Klaus and they make it a mission to deliver toys to children for Christmas.

Whether someone’s doing a movie marathon with friends and family or simply wants to have a jolly time on their own, these movies are sure to get them in the Christmas spirit. So, grab some snacks and let the movie marathon begin!

Let us know which one of these you are watching in the comments below.

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