Priscilla Trailer Dives Into The Epic Love Story of the Presleys

Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi come together as young Elvis and his wife in the new film Priscilla which will be released on November 3. The trailer looks stunning as it captures some of the most intimate moments of the couple from the beginning to the end of their relationship.

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A big involvement in the production of the film is Sophia Coppola who serves as the writer, co-director, and producer of the movie. The trailer seems quite Coppola-coded. Her signature soft-feminine aesthetic stays prominent in the trailer and reveals her significant influence on the project. She revealed that “the [expectations] of women of that generation to be completely fulfilled with having a successful husband, a beautiful home and a child. If they wanted some expression outside of that it was a struggle and it wasn’t expected”, was what stuck to her about Priscilla’s character.

Another impactful contribution to this movie is by the real Priscilla who is the executive producer. Because the movie is based on her 1985 memoir called “Elvis and Me”, her views are important. Overall, she seems pretty satisfied with the project and appreciates Coppola for her extraordinary direction.

I think Sofia did an amazing job, she did her homework.”

Thoroughly, Priscilla looks promising as it received a seven-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival this year. The lead actor, Cailee Spaeny who brought Priscilla to life, shined through the event winning the best actor prize. Our young Elvis, Jacob Elordi, is embracing the true essence of his role. As we’ve already witnessed Austin Butler playing his life-changing (and voice-changing) role, it is now time for Jacob to bring his much-talked-about charm to the viewers. While talking about him, Coppola quoted “Yeah, he has that kind of charisma that I imagine Elvis had.”

We already have an Oscar-nominated film that revolves solely around Elvis. This makes Priscella’s perspective of him, and his life story, an absolute treat. We’re hoping for some empowered feminist views trapped within the societal constraints that prevailed throughout history. The film will feature Priscella as the focal point of the story. The story features everything wrapped in the sweet romance along with other impactful life events.

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