“The Brave and the Bold” Live Action Batman Movie Announced

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Batman is getting a new movie everyone! What? No surprise? Okay, well, The Brave and Bold will be the official Batman for the main DCU. it was announced today that we are getting several live-action Batman movies including the Matt Reeves sequel for The Batman but we’re getting a new DCU Batman in The Brave and The Bold. Robert Pattinson’s Batman is now just being an ‘Elseworlds’ title that won’t really count toward the greater DC Universe.

The news from Variety reads as follows:

Along with introducing the DCU’s version of Batman — who will exist separately from the version played by Robert Pattinson in “The Batman” movies — “The Brave and the Bold” will introduce “the Bat family,” Gunn said. First among them is Robin, who is returning fully to live-action movies for the first time since 1997’s ill-fated feature “Batman and Robin.”

This version of Robin is Damian Wayne; Gunn described him as “our favorite Robin,” “a little son of a bitch,” an “assassin” and a “murderer.”

Damian is Bruce Wayne’s biological son, a fact unknown to Wayne for the first eight to 10 years of Damian’s life. “It’s a very strange sort of father-son story about the two of them,” Gunn said.

The project is based on the run of Batman comics authored by Grant Morrison, who Gunn said was “exceptionally influential” on the DCU. The other comics writer Gunn mentioned by name was Tom King — who participated in the DCU writers room and leads right into the next feature project.

Now, this is an interesting story with them showing us a Batman that is well into his career. This is especially interesting because, as mentioned, we haven’t seen Robin as a character in film since Chris O’Donnell’s portrayal in 1997’s Batman and Robin. I love the idea of them introducing the whole Bat-Family and focusing on the Damian Wayne version of Robin. I’m curious how the Bat-Family will be portrayed and what they show us of this new Batman.

This teases me so much because a lot of Grant Morrison’s writing with Damian doesn’t actually involve Bruce and Damian interacting all that much. The stories instead shift to Dick Grayson becoming Batman with Damian serving as his Robin.

Anwyay, that’s all we have for this one…

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