An Action Hero (2022): Every Action Film Has One!

When it’s time for a fight, he does not care for the director to shout, “Lights, Camera, and Action” because fighting is in his blood. He is “The Hero” among all heroes, “An Action Hero”! But will his action skills suffice to save him from a fearsome antagonist?

Experience the rivalry of the cat-and-mouse game! Presenting Ayushmann Khurrana as “An Action Hero”, the film also stars Jaideep Ahlawat as his deadly foe.

An Action Hero (2022) – The Chase Begins: Full Story

Starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Jaideep Ahlawat

Maanav Khuranna (Ayushmann Khurrana) is an action superstar (of course fictitious) who rules the hearts of Bollywood fans. One fine day, as Maanav headed out to Mandothi village in Haryana for the purpose of shooting for his upcoming film, he got engulfed by his fans. One of them was Vicky Solanki, a local politician.

Elections were knocking at the door and because of this Vicky tried to take a selfie with Maanav in order to receive political fame. Maanav, who was unaware of who Vicky was, did not pay heed to his request. Before Vicky could click a selfie with him, he left the venue in his car. The enraged Vicky followed him and after a long chase, succeeded to stop him. Following this, he manhandled Maanav. This agitated Maanav and in a fit of rage, he pushed Vicky. Vicky fell down, and his head landed on a stone. He died on the spot.

Maanav was terrified after the accidental death of Vicky. In order to avoid arrest, he absconded to UK. Meanwhile, the news of Vicky’s accidental murder reached his brother Bhoora Solanki (Jaideep Ahlawat), who was a municipal councilor of Mandothi. The side mirror of Maanav’s car was found in the crime scene. The police soon concluded Maanav’s association with Vicky’s murder. This degraded his reputation and the audiences boycotted his films.

Ayushmann Khurrana as action superstar Maanav Khuranna in An Action Hero

Upon escaping to UK, Maanav thought he was safe. But he was not! He did not realize that Bhoora had also reached there to avenge his brother’s death. As the news of Vicky’s murder had already reached UK, the UK police were frantically searching for Maanav. He thus went into hiding in order to avoid arrest.

One day as Maanav returned home from the market, he found Bhoora waiting for him. After confronting Bhoora, he somehow managed to escape from the place. He tried to seek help from his friends but, as his fate had it, they did not respond.

Bhoora caught up and confronted him. Maanav tried to prove his innocence, saying that the death of Vicky was just an accident, but Bhoora did not listen. He tried to kill Maanav. During the hustle, Maanav managed to escape by locking Bhoora in the deck lid of a car.

Now, Maanav made a plan to escape. As part of his plan, he decided to sell his house. He contacted a house broker named Zahil for the purpose. As he was pursuing his meeting with Zaahil regarding his house at a planned location, Bhoora arrived there. Bhoora shot and killed Zahil, and tried to kill Maanav after that.

Jaideep Ahlawat (Right) and Ayushmann Khurrana (Left) in An Action Hero

But before the meeting, Zahil had called the police. The police troop headed by their in-charge Kathar had arrived to arrest Maanav for his involvement in Vicky’s death. But Maanav had already fled from the venue. They only found Bhoora at the location. Bhoora took advantage of the situation, kidnapped Kathar, and held him as his hostage. Meanwhile, Maanav got fed up of hiding, and surrendered himself to the police. Bhoora, who was holding Kathar as his hostage, managed to learn where Maanav would be taken by the police.

But the story takes an awkward turn! There was a gangster and crime lord named Mehamod Ibrahim. Maanav, who was a Bollywood star, had rejected to act in Mehamod’s biopic. Not only that, he had even made derogatory comments against Mehamod. So, Mehamod abducted him. After the abduction, Mehamod hosted a function and he took Maanav there to perform. But Bhoora barged into the function, and a horrific shootout ensued. Mehamod’s men captured Bhoora as well as Maanav following the shootout. Meanwhile, the false news had already spread like wildfire that Maanav was now associated with underworld don Mehamod Ibrahim. Maanav had gained the tag of a dreaded criminal in the eyes of the world!

As Mehamod was questioning Bhoora and Maanav, he told Bhoora to shoot Maanav and kill him. Bhoora was holding his gun at Maanav. Just as he was about to press the trigger, Maanav flinched at his hands. Bhoora’s gun mistakenly pointed at Mehamod. As his finger was already on the trigger, Mehamod got shot and he died on the spot. Upon hearing the gunshot, Mehamod’s henchmen came running. A tremendous fight endured between Maanav, Bhoora, and Mehamod’s men. Maanav and Bhoora together managed to defeat all the henchmen.

Now they both were in trouble as Mehamod Ibrahim was dead. They might face murder charges! So, Maanav had a fool-proof plan for avoiding jail sentence which he got ready to tell Bhoora. The scene cuts just as he was about to tell his plan to Bhoora.

The scene moves a few days later, showing Maanav under the custody of the Indian Embassy. He had made a deal with the Indian Embassy as part of his plan. He told the Embassy officials that if they spread the news that the Indian government had used his derogatory comments against Mehamod and had assigned him for the mission to track and kill the crime lord, then he and the Indian government, both would be benefited.

The Embassy officials agreed to Maanav’s plan with regard to the death of gangster Mehamod. Maanav regained his lost reputation as an action superstar and returned to India. His fans surrounded him for autographs as he arrived at the airport.

You may be wondering, how the story ended so abruptly? Where did Bhoora go? What happened after Maanav told him his fool-proof plan? Well, in fact, Maanav did tell Bhoora his plan of negotiating with the Indian Embassy for Mehamod’s death. But Bhoora had no intention to listen to that! He was bent upon killing Maanav even after Maanav had narrated his plan to him. Bhoora was the local “He-Man” of his territory. If he spared Maanav just like that without avenging his brother’s death, it would lead to his defamation in his territory. So, Bhoora attacked Maanav even after the latter had narrated his plan to him! At that very moment, Maanav had to kill him as an act of self-defense.

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