The best Netflix Original movies

If you have found your way here, we assume that you are a subscriber to the world-leading, market-dominating Netflix and you are aiming to find out what Netflix Originals are truly one for the watching. This is a good question as some Netflix Originals have been somewhat questionable and deemed controversial by many fans. If a show or movie is an original, this simply means that Netflix has commissioned and produced the content fully or partially with another network, and alongside this, it can only be found on Netflix. We believe this is what gives Netflix such an ambitious advantage in comparison to other streaming competitors. The true way to watch these favourites is in a cinematic setting on a large flat-screen TV. Click here for TV wall mounting services. Now, with over 1,500 titles, the options are endless in the Netflix Original’s department, so we are here to narrow it down for you, and present you with some of the best Netflix Original movies so that you can spend less time searching and more time watching.

Bird Box

It is no surprise that this hit is considered one of the best Netflix Original movies, especially as it stars one of Hollywood’s top actresses, Sandra Bullock. The storyline follows Bullock in a post-apocalyptic world as sinister effects take a toll and entities around them cause people to kill themselves after witnessing them. In an attempt to escape the terror, the horror movie follows Bullock as she attempts to keep herself and her two children safe by blindfolding them and leading them to a safe place with obstacles and no sense of sight in the way.


Another Netflix favourite, and a more recent one that was released earlier this year, stars the energetic and comedy favourite Kevin Hart, as his character Matt attempts to raise his newborn daughter after her mother’s death after birth. The storyline portrays all of the difficulties that a single father may be likely to encounter and demonstrates Matts’s struggles with life, love, and his job in an attempt to successfully raise his daughter. Being one of the best Netflix Original movies, we believe that this is one for the watching as we see a different side to Hart’s usual comical acting.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This classic chick flick, rom-com features the life of young Lara Jean who is in a state of panic and conflict after five letters that she wrote and locked away in her closet all to the boys she’s loved are leaked and sent out to each of them. After one letter, in particular, is leaked to her older sister’s boyfriend she knows that she is in trouble. The audience watches romance bloom as Peter Kavinsky, a former love interest receives his letter which prompts a spark between the two. After starting fake dating to make Peters’s ex-girlfriend jealous, they both realise that they truly have feelings for one another as we watch their story unfold throughout the film.

Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston team up once again within this comical mystery movie. The pair appear as a married couple, Nick and Audrey, who upon visiting Europe, find themselves on a billionaire’s yacht to avoid their bus tour. The events quickly take a turn as two murders take place on the boat, one being on the well sought-after billionaire, and as Nick is an NYPD detective, he attempts to assist with the crime. It is not long before the blame is pinpointed on the American couple as they find themselves in a murder mystery dilemma.

The Kissing Booth

If there’s one thing Netflix is good at, it’s a romantic comedy. The kissing booth is an ultimate favourite as the viewer watches young and immature Elle obsess over her lifelong best friend’s older brother, Noah. Although it creates a conflict between the friends, Elle insists on pursuing her feelings which are taken to the next level following a school fundraiser idea, which low and behold is the kissing booth that Noah and Elle find themselves within. This has got to be one of the best Netflix Original movies and its favourable response has resulted in a further two films being produced and centered around the three main characters.

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

This documentary, released in 2019, refers to the 2017 failed music festival that was arranged by con artist, Billy Mcfarland and rapper and singer, Ja Rule. The film dives deep into the corruption of the festival that was successfully marketed through Instagram by a variety of celebrities including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. With lead artists headlining such as Migos, Blink 182, and Lil Yachty, the documentary covers the dishonesty and deception of the luxury music festival which ended up being organized chaos.

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