Is Software Development the Right Fit for Real Estate Companies?


Any business can be digitized. This is one of the leading tasks of every head of the company. The same applies to real estate agencies. Software applications help to establish and simplify interaction with customers, automate processes that are regularly repeated and which can be shifted from humans to robots.

For example, you can configure the automatic creation of a single customer base, the creation of reports on the work done, the preparation of documentation, as well as the breakdown of customers by location, date of appointment and other parameters. The specialized program is suitable for construction companies, mid-level entrepreneurs, large companies and small private agencies.

Top Benefits of Real Estate Software

To answer the question of software development for real estate, you can consider all the benefits that a company or real estate agent gets. This number includes the following benefits:

  1. Increased productivity. An application with powerful functionality and a set of tools that help them in their work falls into the hands of agency employees. With their help, it is possible to speed up the execution of standard processes, while the quality will not only not suffer, but will increase.
  2. Multi-listing. You can combine several companies in one database at once that have their own customer base. They get access to regular updates and up-to-date data, which allows them to keep abreast and follow the real estate market in their city and region.
  3. Increase in the efficiency of the company due to the ease of operation and ease of use of the interface. This helps even a newcomer to the team to get used to a new workplace in a couple of days.
  4. Increase the reach of the target audience by automatically uploading ads to the network. All that needs to be done is to regularly enter information on new objects and data on the terms of transactions into the system.
  5. Complex solutions. The program helps to navigate real estate objects, clients and provide a comprehensive plan for creating a single database, which will present all transactions, clients and reports.

In addition, agents are offered a wide range of software with different capabilities and feature sets, which allows them to choose the most suitable option for their business.

Key features of the real estate app

When a potential client just starts looking for an agent for the selection of real estate or immediately an apartment, he goes to a mobile application or to a suitable site that gives out search results. Everything is clear and convenient there, since all offers are divided into thematic categories.

The user does not even have to leave the house, so he saves personal time and nerves. This is the first reason to digitalize your business. And it consists in expanding the target audience. A lot more people will come to the company if it presents its services on a specialized platform and connects itself with potential customers through the application.

The software becomes a reliable assistant in the work and interaction of clients with real estate agents. Other useful functions of such programs are worth noting:

  • the presence of large-format (as a rule) photo and video objects for visualization;
  • well-established communication - there is a feedback form and contact details indicated for quick direct communication with company representatives;
  • providing an interactive map of the area (you can track how far away the object is);
  • there is a filter for searching objects by different parameters, which helps the user to shorten the search field and choose what will ideally fit his requests and budget;
  • you can use 3D plans and site tours and immediately have an idea of ​​everything;
  • subscription to updates and information on special offers is offered.

To learn more about software for different business areas, you can contact DigitalSuits specialists for more details.


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