Win a Free DVD of the Crime Thriller “Whitetail” (2021)!

“Whitetail” tells the chilling story of a troubled family, two men and a boy, on a weekend hunting trip at a remote Texas ranch. They find a mysterious man, shot in the stomach, and clutching onto a backpack full of money. Whose the shooter? Where did the cash come from? And how long can the three survive battling ruthless criminals who will stop at nothing to get the loot?

The DVD of “Whitetail” drops on October 19. You can win a copy now for free. Just correctly answer the question through the link below. The contest winner will be chosen at random from the pool of respondents submitting the correct answer. Good luck!

Read my July 18 TMB interview with “Whitetail” writer/director Derek Presley at this link:

“Whitetail” (2021): Like father, like son? | The Movie Blog

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