What Kind of Merch are YouTubers Selling?

Once you create a YouTube channel, you start creating a community of users that watch your content. If you take extra care to give them the best possible quality, your viewers will feel close to you and will want to support you. Of course, you can still sign up for the YouTube Creators program and benefit from the views that your videos are getting.

However, every YouTuber nowadays earns the majority of his living through his fans. Some creators have launched crowdfunding platforms, like Patreon, while others design merchandise that their subscribers can purchase. If you have already gathered a decent fanbase, launching a merchandise line is the first step to earning a living through your channel. Before that though, remember that you need to buy YouTube views from Stormviews to enhance your videos and grow your channel fast.

In this article, you are going to discover the types of merch you can sell and the most designs among YouTubers.

Different Types of Merch

#1 T-shirts

A t-shirt is undoubtedly the most popular type of merch that all the YouTubers are selling. This is because everyone is wearing t-shirts of various designs. This versatile piece of clothing comes in multiple colors and you can customize it to reflect your YouTube channel.

#2 Hoodies

Hoodies and sweaters are extremely popular types of merch for content creators. Just like the t-shirt, these pieces of clothing are versatile. Indicatively, you have plenty of options when it comes to their color and you can print any design on them.

#3 Caps

One more type of merch that is selling extremely well is caps. You can get this headpiece in various colors and add the logo of your channel. However, you need to have a lot of subscribers to sell your merch. To do this, buy real YouTube views from Stormviews and bring your videos to more users.

#4 Pins

Pins are affordable merchandise that many users love and for this reason, every YouTuber is offering them in his store. The pins can be a caricature of the creator of the channel’s logo. Moreover, it can be a funny cartoon that is somehow related to the channel’s content.

#5 Mugs

In addition to the clothing and accessories, you can also find mugs within the available merchandise of every YouTuber. This type of merch is extremely versatile as it can be customized in any way that you want. For your mugs, you can get the help of a professional designer or draw the custom designs yourself.

#6 Stationery Sets

Another type of merch that you can create for your store is a stationery set. This is a great idea since YouTube has a lot of young users that really like this type of thing. Therefore, make sure that you visit Stormviews to buy YouTube views and expand the audience of your videos.

#7 Posters

Another fun and creative merch that your followers will love is a poster. This type of product requires that you put a bit more effort into the design but the results will surprise you. If you don’t know how to draw, make sure that you ask the help of a professional graphic designer.

#8 Backpacks

This type of merch is particularly popular among gaming YouTube channels as their audience tends to be younger. Usually, the backpacks come in various colors and they have printed the logo of the channel. Many users purchase a backpack and some pins to decorate it.

#9 Stickers

Stickers are another affordable type of merch that many users love to purchase. For this type of merch, you can create stickers with your caricature or your channel’s logo. To sell a lot of them, you need to buy YouTube views from Stormviews and gather a large subscriber base.

#10 Clothing for Everyone

More and more YouTubers are now designing merchandise for the whole family. Namely, you can find clothes for men, women, and children. This way, your viewers can get your merch as presents for all of their favorite people.

Popular Designs Among YouTubers

#1 The Channel’s Logo

There is no doubt that the most popular design for your merch is none other than your channel’s logo. If you choose this design, you can place it on any type of clothing and any other accessory. It is an easily recognizable element that your users will want to wear.

#2 A Memorable Quote from their Videos

One more design that many YouTubers place on their merch is a memorable quote from their videos. Make sure that you pick a line that your users recognize. Check out your videos’ comments to see if they mention a particular phrase. In any case, choose a short quote that can easily fit on your merch.

#3 Their Channel’s Tagline

Moreover, many YouTubers include their channel’s tagline on their merch. This small phrase is usually memorable and easily recognizable. However, you need to make sure that you visit Stormviews to buy YouTube views and grow your channel. By exposing it to more users, you will also create more sales.

#4 The Creators Portrait

One more design that you can create for your merch is your own portrait. Some YouTubers place their pictures on their merch, while others hire a designer to create their sketch. In any case, users seem to enjoy this design.

#5 A Caricature of the YouTuber

This particular design is similar to the previous one. However, it is more creative and fun as the caricature depicts you with plenty of humor. In general, a caricature will be very useful to you as you can place it on any type of merch.

#6 Custom and Exclusive Designs

If you want to make your users purchase your merchandise, you need to provide them with unique products. Make sure that you create exclusive custom designs that only your fans can get. In addition to this, have this product line available for a limited amount of time.


Selling merchandise is a popular way among YouTubers to make a living. Create an amazing design and let your users know about it. Nevertheless, before you do that, make sure that you buy YouTube views from Stormviews to grow your channel.

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