The Personal Effect of Romantic Films

They say that if you listen to Mr. Darcy’s statement to Lizzy Bennet three extra times in the film, “Death Comes to Pemberley,” you run the risk of believing it. It seems that if you watch Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts more than necessary, you could end up waiting for your Prince Charming from your makeshift balcony on an emergency staircase.


In addition, if you catch yourself humming a Disney song (especially, ‘Kiss her’ from The Little Mermaid), you should give yourself up. Why? It is believed to be the unequivocal sign that your good judgment has been clouded by the influence of romantic comedies.


It probably would be similar to being in an uncertain Trans relationship with a sugar baby reflecting on how you would want things to play out, but with no control over it. That is how movies are presented. Everything is already planned: the cast, the plot, the personalities, and the ending. While you watch it, you have to be patient in how it plays out. There is nothing you can do to change the plot.


The Critique and Opinions

It was said by one Dr. Bjarne Holmes in a 2008 article that movies such as “You Got Email,” “Wedding Plans,” “While You Were Sleeping” or “Serendipity” can seriously damage one’s mental health — and that of those around you, but that is quite debatable. Science is already warning us not to believe entirely in movies depicting romantic films acted out by impressive actresses like Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston.


Among the discrepancies is idealizing the male figure to the point of sabotaging real opportunities waiting for Mr. Right. Most people watch these films for different reasons. Some of them have wishful thinking about owning the outcome of the movie in their own normal lives. It is not always the case though, since we all have different lives and personalities.


Emulating Your Life

Once in a while, a romantic film could emulate one’s life, but it is never so perfect for Mr. Right to end up in your arms. So, if you have to live out the fantasy of a movie for 2 hours, and it warms your heart and allows you to engage in the fantasy, by all means, do that. There is no harm in that as science may indicate.


Their conclusions are based on the analysis of 40 films and their effect on a hundred respondents, which did not seek to divert the female audience from the film genre, but to avoid a common enemy: disappointment. For example, if you were to play rpg sex games, with the intention of getting a certain reaction or results and you did not get it, you would be disappointed.


However, that would not stop you from trying to play the game again to get a different reaction. The bottom line is that people watch romantic flicks for entertainment. Yes, there may be the occasional ‘What Ifs,” but this is not something that you should be embarrassed about. Anyone can have wishful thinking. Nothing is wrong with that.


Time and Energy Invested

Investing time and energy into watching various films is not a very popular topic in Hollywood because actors and actresses work hard to make films that interest and entertain mainstream viewers.


Films capture the initial excitement, but some say that they also suggest a false trust that is achieved from the moment the characters meet. In other words, in the real world, the cafeteria boy you smiled at probably didn’t even notice you, and if he did, and you finally strike up a conversation, and you end up spilling your drink on him, the scene that follows will not be as endearing as any starring Sandra Bullock. However, it is considered to be rather a slow-motion sequence marred, surely, by shame.


The Hollywood Perspective

In Hollywood, the greater the embarrassment in a film you have watched, the greater the probability of seeing the aforementioned again in the most favorable and unexpected situation. In real life, if spicy food plays a trick on you while you are driving in his car, it is unlikely that you will meet him again, neither in jail, nor in the supermarket, nor in the hospital, far from it, in the church. So, when you do watch a romantic flick, have an open mind. Remember that you are only being entertained and that many of these movies are out of the box and not real-life situations; even though they could be.


Life Lessons

In some cases, the viewer uses romantic films, not to entertain themselves, but to extract life lessons from them. So if you watched ‘Friends,” for example, every episode may not be the same. There are many possibilities that the story does not have the same plot twist. However, each episode has something to learn from it. Once the film has ended, most people will think about what they just watched and see how their lives fit into it, but for the most part, they won’t dwell on whether they want the outcome to be theirs necessarily. It is like food for thought.


The Idealization

Even if the link between romantic stories and the idealization of love has been questioned by scientists or opinionated individuals, there will be those who still believe in certain expectations fed by their own dreams and aspirations. Let’s face it, as plausible as it might seem on the big screen, we shouldn’t expect someone to catch us while we fall.


The Bottom Line

It is OK to dream and to fantasize. It is a personal thing. That is what romantic movies do for most people.


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