Top 4 Comedy Movies to Watch on the Coming Weekend

While many might feel that staying at home these days means you are not doing anything – it is actually the complete opposite of it. Everyone is busy with daily work from home routines. Ironically, thanks to zero socializing space with our colleagues, we actually tend to do more work these days than we would have done in our office space. So, yes, you are working harder than usual and you deserve to calm your wits.

With such a huge stinking pile of stress, deadlines, and anxiety, the weekend is quite a blessing from the gods above. Throughout the days (starting from Monday to Friday), we are working our asses off just to get more work. Weekends are supposed to be fun, exciting, and all about getting past the exhaustion, burden, and stress for a while. A perfect one is filled with laughter to lighten your mood and relax yourself. So, what you can do to enjoy this time with your family is to watch a good movie with a hint of comedy … okay, okay, a lot of comedy!! You can either choose to watch something great via your AT&T Internet since it does have a lot to offer. You can get bundle deals along with the TV that gives you the video-on-demand option. By doing so, you can easily watch the suggested movies, ease into the sofa and breathe a little, and save a lot by getting both services from one provider.

Meet the Parents

If you are looking to have the most laugh in just a few hours, then watch this movie. I bet you are going to roll on the floor. Meet the Parents is the movie which you can even watch alone. You would not get bored for a single second. This rom-com is based on the antics one comes across while meeting a beloved’s family. Obviously, we want to impress the parents of our partner and that is what everyone tries to do while he or she is visiting them for the first time. The protagonist, Greg, is doing exactly the same while he is planning to propose his girlfriend in front of her family. However, the circumstances are not in Greg’s favor. Wait! Why am I telling you the story? Why don’t you just go and watch the movie, man!



Once you have watched the first movie, maybe it is a time for round two, and trust me, you would not regret taking this decision ever in your life. Semi-Pro is a full-time comedy movie which will fill your night with a lot of laugh and fun. Grab a full bowl of popcorn, or order a pizza all for yourself. The movie is about a guy named Jackie Moon. The scene is set in 1976. Moon a singer, investing all the profits he gets from his hit song, buys a basketball team. The rest is in the movie to watch. Let me not spoil movie night for you.

The Death of Stalin

If you have not watched this movie, then you have missed out on something amazing. Fortunately, you still have time to cash the time and include this movie on your watch list. You will have fits of laughter in 1 hour and 47 minutes of the movie time. Let me give you a bit of a synopsis of this movie. There is a fight between people by becoming a Soviet Leader.



It’s weekend and you probably do not want to get yourself bored up with the same dull routine. Blockers are the perfect combination of comedy and drama to lighten the tension around you. The movie is about 3 teen girls who are planning to lose their virginity on prom night. Sounds pretty teenage, right?

But there is a twist and the movie, thus, isn’t just for teenagers to enjoy. No, you aren’t going to find the whole story here. Just go and watch the movie to find out!

With this said – you don’t need to force yourself into watching a movie that just isn’t your taste. There are a zillion movies that fall under the genre of comedy that you can choose from the internet!

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