5 Of The Best Casino Scenes In Films

From time to time, we all like some bit of entertainment—casino games, sports, and films alike. But, what about when two of our favorites such as film and casino come together? Is the result something lovable or does it fall short of the real thing?

Lucky for us, with today’s improved technology and cinematic competences as well as exceptional attention to detail, there is a great selection of casino-based movies. These films are realistic¸ well researched and acted and have enough action at the tables to keep any gamer satisfied.

Interesting fact before we list our favorite casino scenes. While land casinos have been used in many films as the main story or as part of a plot, online casinos on the other hand have not featured in any famous movies. Even though online casinos have been accessible in most western country’s for over two decades. Do you think you could come up with a juicy online casino story? Check out some of the biggest online casinos and see if you can come up with anything.

When it comes to the screen, which casino films have the best casino action, best characters and leading story?

Here is a pick of our top five casino films:


Considering the name of the film Casino, you should not be surprised that there are more than a few casino scenes. This is the film that made casino-themed films popular in the 1990s. It features Robert De Niro, Sharin Stone, and Joe Pesci, and is a warning of what happens when you cross the mob and the owners.

The Sting

One of the best poker scenes of all time occurs onboard a 20th Century Limited Train. The Sting is a 1973 caper film that stars Robert Redford and Paul Newman as two professional grifters—Johnny Hooker and Henry Gondorff—looking to con a mob boss (Robert Shaw).

The notorious poker sequence takes place a third of the way into the film. Part of the scheme by Hooker and Gondorff to usurp the crime boss, Doyle Lonnehan, Gondorff plays poker against the host Lonnegan in a train car. This is an intriguing story of cheating the cheater.

The film was hugely successful and was nominated for 10 Oscars at the 46th Academy Awards and won in seven categories including Best Original Screenplay, Best Picture, and Best Director.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale is a 2006 film starring Daniel Craig as the fictional M16 agent James Bond, Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre, Eva Green as Vesper Lynd and Judi Dench as M.

The casino Royale’s gambling schene features Bond playing poker against Le Chiffre. The tension of the scenes heightens as Bond loses several hands to Le Chiffre, with both gamers trying to read each other’s body language and utilize their knowledge against the adversary. Le Chiffre’s defeat comes as a result of misreading Bond. This is a must-watch film.

Ocean’s Eleven

This is a 2001 American film that is about a big heist. This is a box-office success film that stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, and Dib Cheadle.

The casino scene in this drama has become iconic. Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt), appears at the start of the movie coaching a group of Hollywood actors how to play poker. These include Holly Marie combs, Shane West, Topher Grace, AND Joshua Jackson. This is both a funny and truly iconic scene that sets the tone for the rest of the movie.


If you are in search of a film that is about high stakes poker, none will match Rounders. This is a 1998 American film that is now a cult hit and follows the story of two buddies, Lester “Worm” Murphy and McDermott (played by Edward Norton and Matt Damon) who try to pay off debts by playing a sequence of high stakes games.

The final casino scene comes in the form of a showdown with Mike against Russian Mobster Teddy “KGB” in a heads-up, No-limit Texas Hold’em game where the winner takes all the stakes. Mike wins the game after he figures out KGB’s tell. The scene has some tension, and there is also a depiction of the underground world of high stakes poker. This makes the film worth the watch.

Watch any of these casino scenes, and they will no doubt leave you spellbound. They bring the drama, tension, and conflict to these films.


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