Alien: Covenant Red Band Trailer & Every Detail and Spoiler So Far

Alien: Covenant Red Band Trailer & Every Detail and Spoiler So Far

So Alien: Covenant is getting closer to it’s summer blockbuster release, and Alien fans who were disappointed with the movies prequel, Prometheus, are hoping that Ridley Scott’s latest installment will be worth the wait.

While I personally enjoyed Prometheus, it does look like Alien: Covenant is expected to stay true to the plot and premise of the original Alien franchise, as you can see a lot of nasty looking Xenomorphs in this latest trailer.

Check out the new Red Band trailer for Alien: Covenant below, while enjoying the blood and guts that all the Alien fans missed so much.

Watch The Alien Covenant Red Band Trailer:

While that trailer may be enough for some, Collider has just released a list of all of the details you need (and don’t need) to know about the upcoming Alien installment.

If you just want a summary of the most important details that are not too “spoiley” then be sure to check out the video below that will go over and summarize some of the best “need to know” details about the upcoming Alien: Covenant movie.

Alien: Covenant Every Detail & Spoiler Released So Far:

Stay tuned because there will be a lot more Alien: Covenant news to come out as we wait for it’s release on May 19th!

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