Top 5 Rom-Com Movies On Netflix This Valentine’s


Best 5 Rom-Com Movies On Netflix This Valentine’s

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (hope you haven’t forgotten!) you’ll probably be in the mood to watch a rom-com. Who can resist a cheesy, romantic line?! Think you know your classic rom-com quotes? See how many you can match in the quiz below.

Like a box of chocolates, rom-coms come in different shapes and sizes. Here are my five favourite rom-com movies on Netflix.

Chasing Amy - Can friends become lovers?

Chasing Amy

You would have never guessed the writer/director of Chasing Amy was the same person who brought us Clerks. Yes, that odd ball comedy. I loved Clerks and was sceptical at the thought of Kevin Smith trying his hand at writing something more serious. Chasing Amy shows his versatility of writing scenes with real and raw emotions one minute and laugh out loud scenes the next.

Chasing Amy is largely regarded as a romantic comedy for people who hate romantic comedies. Sure, it’s a boy meets girl love story, but with a thought provoking storyline.

Comic-book writer Holden (Ben Affleck) hits it off instantly with artist Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams). As they become close friends, Holden begins falling in love with Alyssa. But there’s one complication; Holden discovers Alyssa is a lesbian. Undeterred, Holden continues his pursuit which pushes their friendship to the limit.

Smith’s writing separates this from the usual rom-com clichés with clever and witty dialogue similar to Clerks. Even the heartfelt dialogue from Holden professing his love is more touching than eye-roll. There are also the interesting underlying themes of identity, vulnerability and homosexuality which few rom-coms explore.

Say Anything – Career or love

Say_AnythingCareer or love – which would you choose?

Say Anything asks Diane (Ione Skye) just that. She’s a class valedictorian set to leave for her dream scholarship in England, while boyfriend Lloyd (John Cusack) has no real future, except dreams of being a professional kick-boxer.

This will-she-won’t-she drama is added to with Diane’s protective father who wants her to succeed.

Say Anything struck a chord with me when I watched it as a teenager all those years ago. Re-watching it as an adult brings those feelings rushing back. The accurate portrayal of teenage feelings and dialogue are what sets Say Anything apart from your average teen movie. This is epitomised by Cusack’s performance as an anxious teen, but the self-awareness of a young man.

Also, if you love rom-coms with grand gestures, you’re in luck. Even if you haven’t watched Say Anything, you’re probably familiar with the classic image of John Cusack holding a boom box over his head.

Pretty in Pink - Love triangle

Pretty_In_PinkDeclaring you were on ‘team x’ or ‘team y’ isn’t a new thing (sorry Twilight fans).

Pretty in Pink’s love triangle sees Andie (Molly Ringwald) having to choose between rich kid Blane (Andrew McCarthy) and best friend Duckie (Jon Cryer).

Andie comes from a financially poor background which makes her relationship with Blane difficult. Duckie is the clown who makes Andie laugh, but doesn’t have the confidence to ask her out.

I generally find teen movies great fun but shallow. Pretty in Pink is the classic struggle between the rich and poor and social status. While the audience is willing the underdog, Duckie, to just make a move already!

If you like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club (which I do) you’ll like Pretty in Pink which follows the same formula. No surprise as all three was written by king of the teen 80’s comedies, John Hughes. The trilogy of films is known as the Bratpack.

Harold and Maude – Anti-Valentine

Harold_And_MaudeDark romantic comedies may seem like an oxymoron. But that’s what makes Harold and Maude great – it’s not your typical romantic comedy. The first encounter between the pair? At a funeral…

Harold and Maude are an unlikely pair on opposite sides of the spectrum. Harold (Bud Cort) is a wealthy 20 year old obsessed with death and suicide, while Maude (Ruth Gordon) is an eccentric, free-spirited 79 year old.

It’s this contrast in character and life which leads to them bonding and a hilarious journey. Less about physical attraction and more about what the other half offers. I’m tired of modern day rom-coms type-casting the super pretty Hollywood actors (I’m looking at you 2010’s Valentine’s Day). This is one for the anti-valentine’s perhaps and perfect if you (or your partner) aren’t super soppy and eye roll at the thought of cheesy romantic lines.

Despite flopping at the box office when it was released over 40 years ago, Harold and Maude has gained a cult following since.

Just Like Heaven – Feel good rom-com

Just_Like_HeavenSure, Just Like Heaven’s plot is farfetched, but if you’re looking for a sugary sweet rom-com it’s one of the best currently on Netflix. In fact, the fantasy storyline plays in its favour, making it much more interesting than the usual boy chases girl storylines.

Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) is involved in a fatal accident after falling asleep whilst driving. Broken man David (Mark Ruffalo) moves into Elizabeth’s apartment to find her spirit still very much lives there.

Only David can see her as they try to find out who she is and why she’s a spirit. Cue Ghost-like scenes where the public see David talking to no one and getting pushed around.

The leads are adorably played you can’t help but like both (I thought Mark Ruffalo was a weird cast choice but surprisingly pulls it off). Predictable yes, but you’re constantly rooting for them throughout.

Just Like Heaven wasn’t on any Oscar nomination lists (surprise surprise), but it’s fun and light-hearted. While the other movies on this list are more credible than your average romantic comedy (read as every Hugh Grant rom-com), sometimes all you want is something easy to watch that isn’t too taxing on your emotions. Just don’t over think the ridiculous plot and you’ll enjoy this.


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