This GTA V Short Film Will Make You Want To Play Again

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So yeah it has been a minute since Grand Theft Auto V had it’s buzz back in action since it’s 2013 release. The Grand Theft Auto game was known for it’s upgraded graphics and edgy new characters who most notably featured an eccentric psychopath known as Trevor.

Have you ever imagined what someone as psychotic as Trevor would be like in real life?

Well if you haven’t, too bad, here he is, and you won’t be able to get enough of him:

Watch the GTA V short film below:

Steven Ogg truly broke through to fans and apparently casting companies after his portrayal as Trevor in the GTA V game. His performance in this GTA V short film not only makes me want to see more Grand Theft Auto in live action, but also shows me why Steven Ogg is getting roles in everything from The Walking Dead to HBO’s Westworld.

After watching Steven Ogg as Trevor in real life, I would love to see Hollywood cast him in some more eccentric villain roles.

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