Spider-Man: Homecoming Set Photos Leaked, Is That Mary Jane?

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Mary Jane

Spider-Man: Homecoming , continues to feed us bit’s of it’s movie news as the days go by towards it’s 2017 release date.

Tom Holland and company have been filming in Atlanta ( excitingly close to where I live ) , as they wrap up their stunt work for the MCU’s ( Marvel Cinematic Universes ) first solo Spider-Man movie.

With all of the news surrounding Spider-Man: Homecoming, the most controversial has been the potential casting of Mary Jane Watson.

While Zendaya was ” confirmed” as the red haired pot of gold, the star had faced backlash for her cultural difference of Stan Lee’s created character. Even though Stan Lee and James Gunn ( The Guardians Of The Galaxy director ), both supported the potential casting of Zendaya as Mary Jane, fans on both sides have been heavily speculating on who she will be in the next Spider-Man movie.

Zendaya As Mary Jane

Stunt photos have leaked via JustJared.com as it seems to show Peter Parker in his web-slinger form, saving some red-haired woman from a helicopter.

While the stunt woman appears to be red-haired, it is also important to note she looks nothing like Mary Jane or even in the same age range of the red-haired model. While it is stunt work and stunt actors don’t look exactly like the actor they’re portraying all the time, these leaked photos will definitely have fans thinking about who this red-head is.

Could this red-haired woman be a pedestrian simply being saved by the web-slinger? Or is this a stunt double for the real Mary Jane in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Zendaya as Mary Jane

My vote is that this is not Mary Jane and may just be a featured extra in the new Spider-Man movie. While I have batted for Zendaya as Mary Jane since the “confirmation”, my bias towards this not being the red-haired beauty may be quite apparent.

Either way, let’s hope for the movies sake, Mary Jane isn’t that old since she is supposed to be Peter Parker’s love interest.

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