March Movie Madness


March Madness is on full television takeover this month, but don’t sleep on some really good Blu-ray/DVD releases in the month of March. This is one of the stronger months of quality films being available for purchase and rental. Not only were the following movies worth watching, but the bonus features are just as good. Here are the March DVD’s you should see:



You can’t go wrong with James McAvoy in almost any role. Victor Frankenstein is another one he gives justice to. Told from the perspective of the hunchbacked Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) and the road that lead him to Victor. The movie focuses on the backstories of these characters and that’s what makes it intriguing and fresh. It’s sort of the making of Frankenstein (no pun intended). What happens when you get Harry Potter and Professor X together? You get an entertaining thriller about the origins of Frankenstein.

THE PEANUTS MOVIE (Blu-ray/DVD on March 8)


Charlie Brown finally gets pranked on the big screen. It’s been a long time coming for Charlie, Snoopy, and the gang, but they finally made it. Snoopy has a big battle with the Red Baron, while Charlie is ready to confess his feelings to the little ginger. Seeing the Peanuts gang in digital animation looks really cool. Any fan of Peanuts will definitely enjoy this, but it’s also an opportunity for new fans to get an introduction to world’s most famous beagle.

THE BIG SHORT (Blu-ray/DVD on March 15)

One of my favorite movies of 2015, The Big Short surpasses the hype. I’d argue that it was robbed of a Best Picture win at the Oscars, but that’s besides the point now. The movie is finally out on Blu-ray & DVD and you’d be doing a disservice not to check it out. The ensemble cast of Bale, Carell, Gosling, and Pitt is tremendous. It’s pretty much The Wolf of Wall Street set against the backdrop of the housing market crisis of 2007. Both films had Margot Robbie in them, so that’s something.

BROOKLYN (Blu-ray/DVD on March 15)


My well chronicled love for Brooklyn has been established on this site. It’s not only the best romantic movie of 2015 (we know how much I like romance), but also one of the better films overall. This Oscar nominee is a must-see. Saoirse Ronan gives one of her best performances in this endearing story about love and self-discovery. Even if for some reason you don’t enjoy (you will) the witty humor in the film, the beautifully shot visuals are undeniable. If any of you gentlemen want to impress your girl, snuggle up to some Brooklyn. You can thank me later for the suggestion.



Don’t hate. You know the Chipmunks are badass. The little guys are back again, this time on a road trip adventure. The Chipmunk movies have been hit and miss to date, but this one is fun. Just think about it, the Chipmunks are headed to New York to stop Dave from proposing to his girlfriend. Jealous Chipmunks on a mission can’t be a bad formula, and it isn’t. The voice cast is loaded with names such as Justin Long, Kaley Cuoco, Christina Applegate, and Anna Faris. Alvin, Simon, Theodore and a soon-to-be step-brother? The Chipmunks have a lot to say about that with their shenanigans. Both adults and kids will get a kick out of this film.

SISTERS (Blu-ray/DVD on March 15)

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are a dynamic duo in everything they do, from SNL’s Weekend Update to the Golden Globes, and now in Sisters. Two sisters attempt to recapture their glory days by throwing a party for the ages in their childhood home that’s about to be sold (not after that party). Throw in a bright flowered shirt John Leguizamo and a tattoo’d faced John Cena and imagine the possibilities of insanity arising. It does. Has a bit of the Seth Rogen’s Neighbors film with drunken antics fun, but minus the whole frats and sororities aspect. Watching drunken party debouchery is fun no matter what, and Sisters delivers on that.

DADDY’S HOME (Blu-ray/DVD on March 22)

Just like when you put Amy Poehler and Tina Fey together, the combination of Mark Wahlberg and Will Farrell is uncanny. These two did it great in The Other Guys, but do it even better in Daddy’s Home. Will Farrell plays Brad, a stepdad that’s trying to fit in and be a good father figure to his girlfriend Sarah’s (Linda Cardellini) two children. Things are going good until the biological father Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) comes back to town. The wild and hilarious battle of one-upmanship between Dusty and Brad is ridiculously entertaining. I was legitimately laughing non-stop. This was one of my favorite comedies of 2015.



The epic conclusion to the Hunger Game series is the best one of them all. Katniss Everdeen just won’t die, so now she’s leading the rebellion against the Capitol. The film presents the most challenging obstacle for Katniss to overcome which takes the character to another level. The action scenes pack a punch and the screenplay is solid. Fans of the Hunger Game series won’t be disappointed with the ending to this trilogy. While the books gave away the story conclusion, seeing it play out on-screen is that much more satisfactory.


ANOMALISA (Digital HD on March 8 - Blu-ray/DVD on May 3)

Groundbreaking for it’s lifelike look and story, this is an animated gem of a movie. It’s an adult themed film that transcends its animation. A married man’s attempt to reconnect with an old fling. This is a film about a conflicted man with a lot of depth. There is just such a human element to this film, that it needs to be seen to get the grasp of it. The Oscar nod was for Best Animated Feature was more than well-earned. If you’ve never seen a stop-motion animated film, this is one to definitely see.

45 YEARS (DVD and Digital HD on June 14)

I was looking ahead and this one is a bit away from its release, but the sheer performance by Charlotte Rampling in 45 Years makes it worth checking out when it comes out. You don’t usually see many films chronicling the lives of an older married couple. In this case, the Mercer’s have been married for, well, 45 years. You wouldn’t think a couple in the twilight of their lives would have much to worry about, but when an ex-love interest comes into their lives the marriage is shaken and put to the test. It’s one of those films where one person wonders if their relationship was exactly how they have always believed and perceived it to be? Don’t be deterred by the idea of watching an older couple’s relationship unfold, there is so a lot of context to this film that appeals on many relationships and personality levels.

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