Lots of lens flare in this new Star Trek trailer

The new trailer for Star Trek made it’s debut over the weekend with JJ Abrams unleashing the footage to the internet at a Star Trek event over the weekend.

That’s a lot of action. I should be used to this by now considering they’ve been upping the ante and adding more “awesome” since the reboot but I am beginning to increasingly notice less of an emphasis on story and more on action. I get that the adventures of the Enterprise crew can be exciting and action packed but I can’t help but feel that this isn’t what I find appealing about the franchise. I need that thought provoking socially/economically conscious condescending tone that illustrates an example of an improved global society as a backdrop to help me enjoy these films and I feel the lack of Tyler Perry is starting to wear thin.

It’s not a terrible trailer but it leaves my brain hungry for more.

What say you?

[The Verge]


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