Check Out ‘Kenobi’ The Fan-Made Star Wars Trailer We’ve Been Waiting For

Star Wars has entered back into it’s prime of prequels and spin-offs ever since the announcement of a Han Solo movie earlier this summer.

Fan-made trailers are also becoming a common thing as we can assume a Kenobi spin-off has at least been considered.

While Ewan McGregor stated that he wasn’t very interested in playing Obi-Wan again, his real life aging would be in perfect correlation with Obi-Wan as there is a lot of story missing between Obi-Wan’s exile and him finding Luke Skywalker in the Tatooine desert.

Watch the ‘Kenobi’ trailer below via Rich Williamson on Vimeo:

The new footage from the Kenobi trailer comes from ‘ Last Days in the Desert’ which was released earlier this year featuring Ewan McGregor as Jesus Christ wondering the desert.

Would you like to see a Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars spin-off ?

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