Deadpool 2: Here’s Who Could Be Playing Domino

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Update: See the Deadpool 2 Domino Shortlist Ranked

Deadpool 2 is in pre-production, and so is the first list of actresses being eyed for the mutant mercenary role in the next Deadpool installment.

Domino is a character very much like Deadpool, as she too mercenary’s herself around with the likes of Cable.

While most of the hype around Deadpool 2 is in who will be playing the character of Cable (who we have yet to get an official short list for), Domino is another major character, who will certainly make Deadpool 2 a must watch.

In the comics, Domino is a mutant gifted with psychokinesis as she partners up with Cable and Deadpool in their mercenary ways.

Luckily for us, (and everyone else who can’t get enough Deadpool action), Collider has given us a glimpse at the top actresses being eyed for the Deadpool 2 role, as fan favorites such as Ruby Rose, Sienna Miller, Stephanie Sigman, Elizabeth Winstead and more have all made the shortlist for the next movie.

Obviously, Ruby Rose is the most popular on the list, as fans couldn’t get enough of her after her appearance in Orange Is The New Black.

The tatted star is making a rise to fame herself as she has since been cast in hardcore action thrillers like xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage and John Wick Chapter 2.

Other actresses well known on the list include, Sienna Miller ( G.I. Joe Rise Of The Cobra ), Stephanie Sigman ( Spectre, Narcos, and American Crime ), and Elizabeth Winstead (Fargo, 10 Cloverfield Lane).

Lizzy Caplan (Now You See Me 2) and even Kingsman: The Secret Service’s, Sofia Boutella, are also being eyed for the role.

There are literally so many great actresses and choices on this list, so who do you want to see play Domino in the (hopefully) soon to release Deadpool sequel?

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