Suicide Squad Wins The Box Office For The Third Week Straight

While Suicide Squad may be deemed a giant failure from critics, there is one thing for certain, Suicide Squad is a box office success as Warner Bros. continues to make it’s “mula”.

Suicide Squad continued to beat out movie new comers as War Dogs, Sausage Party, Ben Hur and more all still made less than the comic movie this week.

According to Collider Suicide Squad is the first DCEU film to stay on top of the box office for this length of time. Batman V. Superman and Man of Steel both failed to stay on top of the box office after two weeks.

So while Suicide Squad may have had it’s issues in the editing room, it looks like this movie will continue to make it’s money through August. I just hope the money earned is good enough to warrant a better edited and planned out sequel.

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One thought on “Suicide Squad Wins The Box Office For The Third Week Straight

  1. I am really beginning to wonder where all of these editing problems stem from. Certainly the story is a bit choppy at times, but then again we are introducing a ton of different villain characters to an audience that may not know them all. Then again maybe they do and that’s why they keep coming back. For whatever reason I think the film deserves a look, and while not perfect, is not quite as bad as some seem to think. If you’d like a personal review from the Toasty Critic read here:

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