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July 29, 2015

The Night Before Official Red Band Trailer

— Posted by Mo Baptiste

I am going to inform you upfront. This was my face throughout the whole traileremoji. I do not know why, but the jokes just fell short for me. Then, I remembered that you have to be under some kind of influence to watch a Seth Rogen film. So, what did I do? I drank two beers and watched it again. This time around it was much better. The cocaine joke was funny, and the “how do I look” one made me laugh out loud, and the interview joke was pretty clever. This looks like a great buddy film, you and your friends, can go to before or after visiting a bar. But, that is just my opinion. How about hearing from you? I would love to know your opinion.


P.S Remember don’t watch this trailer sober



Do you like Seth Rogen comedy films?


Did you laugh watching this trailer?


Let me know down below.


the-night-before_612x380 seth-rogen-has-raunchy-christmas-eve-in-the-night-before night-before

P.S.S Wrecking ball is a timeless classic.

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