The Future is NOW with Pepsi Perfect

Marty McFly once traveled to the far distant future of October 21st, 2015 in Back to the Future II and exposed audiences to amazing futuristic accessories like hoverboards, self-lacing shoes and more. With the future fast approaching Pepsi has taken it upon themselves to offer their memorable Pepsi Perfect for 6,500 lucky people who get their hands on this limited edition bottle. Check out the ad that Pepsi has put together to promote:



1,500 at NYCC this week! I have no intentions of cosplaying but I suggest those of you attending as Marty McFly to find these guys and grab one of these bottles! It’s a cool little tribute to the film and will definitely be a collectors item that will draw envy from the multitude of Deadpool and Storm Trooper cosplayers.



Source: Gizmodo



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