Star Wars The Force Awakens 5 minute SUPER DUPER cut

Hey guys, did you hear that even MORE there were a few more TV spots released for The Force Awakens with even more brand new footage? Wouldn’t it be cool if there was some way to enjoy everything that was released, so far, without having to click through a bunch of videos? You are in luck because the guys over at ‘Science vs Cinema’ put together this lovely Super Duper cut of all the footage released so far clocking in at a massive full 5 Minutes!

Ok, so this was released a while back and surely an Ultra Super Duper trailer is incoming any moment thanks to new footage released in the last 48hrs but I just found it and thinks it’s a near look into more of what to expect of this film. It may be a bit more than some may want to know about the film prior to parking in a theater but for those of you like me this is exactly what I needed to pack on some excitement.

Thank you and you’re welcome.

[Science vs Cinema]


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