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June 1, 2015

San Andreas Movie Review

— Posted by Mo Baptiste


Director: Brad Peyton

Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller


In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey across the state in order to rescue his daughter.



I was hyped when I heard they were making a San Andreas movie. I was like finally a Grand Theft Auto film. What took them so long enough to provide fans what we been waiting for. Then my excitement was shoved out the window when I found out it was another disaster movie, but it’s featuring The Rock so I gave it a shot. Off the back I am going to tell you I enjoyed myself. The acting was viable, the C.G.I was good, and the action wasn’t too over the top. It was not to the point of being unbelievable. But let’s dive into the details.


It is the story you have heard before a thousand and one times. A cataclysmic event that happens once every billion years is happening today. There’s a scientist who knew well in advance of the inevitable, but decides to tell no one or others simply do not believe him. But in the middle of all that, there’s a family who needs to be reunited and survive the event. There’s too many writers in Hollywood to not come up with deviating plot or original ideas concerning these types of movies. I refuse to accept this is the only way to tell this story. I’m just asking for one, just one.


When it comes to these natural disaster movies, you expect a certain level of mediocre acting. Whether it be, the actors can’t emote fear on a green screen set; or, they don’t put in more into the performance because they knowingly are aware they are not going to win an Academy award, so they are just cashing it in. Despite either reason, this instance was the best acting in a disaster movie I have ever seen. I do not know if me saying that is much, but it’s the truth. I will refer to one scene, and this is not a spoiler. The Rock almost cried, and I felt it. I became a little saddened, and I stopped eating my popcorn. For a split second, I was emotionally invested, and the movie earns points for that. Regarding the performances of everyone else, they were was okay. Specifically, their performances were a few steps above the level of mediocre acting referred to above.


The action does just enough to keep you satisfied. There was no over the top unrealistic situation such as: tying oneself to a pole to avoid getting sucked into a tornado (Twister); or, riding a limo through buildings, houses, and crumbling streets (2012). The realism of San Andreas not using over the top jammed packed action scenes is what makes similar films as this wonderful. I should never have to call out bullshit for any scene. The main duty of the director in a disaster movie is to ensure the action within it at the very least is believable. For an example, a scene I would call out is, if a guy was to become stricken by a tsunami that sends him spiraling into a building, but still lives to tell the tale. I am so walking out of the theater, and I am taking people with me.


Here is a fun fact of the day: in the contrary of popular belief, hiding underneath a table is not going to do jack squat, if a building falls on top on you.


Of course, the movie is not without any fallacies. It definitely needs much needed improvements. Primarily, there are too many irrelevant characters. There were three, too many. The first character, I was and still am unaware of the purpose of her existence. For example, there was a lady who asked the Rock’s ex-wife super personal questions, and it was never explained why. I was waiting for the explanation to surface, but it never did. The new boyfriend was important to the movie for about five minutes. After that, I think they just gave him screen time because it was in his contract. I’ll leave the last useless character to you.


My final thoughts about this film is that San Andreas was not the best, but it certainly was not and is not the worst. The good qualities stood out, and the qualities that were not as favorable can and will be looked over by the audience. The acting is solid, and the C.G.I is pretty good. Not once, did it ever cross my mind that anything looked fake or cheesy. Overall, this is the best disaster movie I have seen in six years. Regardless of the story being ehhh, I had fun with the characters. And, the action kept me engaged from beginning to end. I recommend San Andreas as a good date movie. Why? Because, your partner can google-eye the Rock, and you can appreciate the film’s action. Trust me. Take my advice. It is either this or Pitch Perfect 2. Believe me, you do not want Pitch Perfect 2. But, that’s a different topic for another day.


Score: 7 out of 10



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  • Scott

    So I went to see this movie with this review in mind. What was this reviewer smoking? The acting was the best he’s ever seen in a disaster movie?? Dwayne Johnson’s “tearing up” scene was one of the most painful pieces of acting I’ve seen in a long time. The action was realistic? Running a inflatable power boat through high-rise reinforced windows without a scratch on the driver was laughable. BUT…. I did love the movie!

  • Rakibul Hasan

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