My First Day At Comic Con…


Sooooo, no big deal guys, but… I have popped my Comic Con cherry ::high pitch scream::. It happened at 1:28pm (Eastern Standard Time) at the Javits Center to be specific, and to tell you the truth, it wasn’t that bad.



The crowd was bananas! From the moment you enter the Javits Center, you are no more than one foot away from someone, no exaggeration. I stepped on more feet in one hour than I have ever did in my whole entire life. For some reason people brought their kids and that kind of took away from the experience. One because it’s a Thursday and your son or daughter is supposed to be in school and not checking out the latest Yu-Gi-Oh deck. Bad parenting for some reason always pisses me off. And, for the people who brought their baby to Comic Con, your are a straight up and down dick! I’m already getting molested by a pink Pikachu, while trying to dodge cardboard guns and swords for you to throw your infant’s two ton stroller into the mix. If you can dish out sixty plus dollars for a ticket, you can drop a little more money for a babysitter. Don’t ruin my time with that inconsiderate bullshit. Tips for dealing with the crowds: stay away from the areas where food is served because it’s too dense and you won’t be moving no where. Another tip is, if you find yourself stuck behind somebody say, “excuse me” two times. If they don’t move, push them out the way. You have paid way too much money for you to watch the back of some person’s head.

The cosplay was so so. An even amount of bad, okay, and good/sexy. It’s the first day, so I’m not up and arms about it yet … For the people who came in duck tape and cardboard outfits, please don’t come back. Especially, if you going to half-ass it like that. If you have nothing to wear do what everybody else does and wear/buy a superhero shirt or nothing if that makes you feel better. But, don’t be an eye sore. Besides that, all of the cosplayers were super friendly (almost forgot I was even in New York) and willing to take pictures . I thought that was great. Here’s my two favorite:


She was my first cosplay picture ever.


She was DEFINITELY my favorite.


My wet dream was realized when I hit the show room floor. It was an sweaty acne nerd paradise, and I loved every second of it. From the anime, toys, cartoons, cars, women, comic books I couldn’t get enough. I nerded out three times, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The weapons alone gave me goosebumps. They had a God of War daggers, Links swords, Wolverine claws, and even a Thunder-Cat’s sword. A real F%^king Thunder-Cats sword case and everything, but my Editor and Chief had to calm me down. I wanted to buy everything and that leads me to my next subject of money. Prepare to spend your rent in Comic Con because this place is expensive. and by the time Sunday rolls around, I’m going to be in debt. So to counteract my spending, I’m going to start a kickstart a GoFund fund to treat my addiction. Is it wrong? Yes, but I don’t want to shake my ass on the pole to get out of the hole. Check in tomorrow to see how my day two went.



This will be my car one day.

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