Kill You Friends appears to be a poor man’s American Psycho

Take American Psycho, sprinkle a little fight club, and than douse it in a helpful serving of any Seth Rogan/James Franco comedy and what you end up with is ‘Kill Your Friends’.

Now whether you read that as a good thing or bad thing is entirely up to you but I think it’s a pretty good premise. There’s certainly opportunity for a film like this to totally bomb in the box office but develop a following once it hits the home market since this is clearly not a date movie and the stereotype for most fans of this genre is to enjoy watching from their couch. The idea of a young music mogul deciding he’s fed up with the repetitiveness of opportunistic friends looking for their next opportunity to perpetuate their misogynistic lifestyles with no real personal goals in sight and you get a guy who’s somewhat relatable but acts on those nihilistic thoughts that crawl around the back of our minds.

Will it be good? We’ll see. I’ll give Hoult a shot but for some reason I keep thinking it should have been McAvoy.

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