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June 18, 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2 Official Trailer

— Posted by Mo Baptiste

What is more cooler than a grandpa who is a vampire … ? Nothing really. That is pretty much as cool as it gets. This trailer shows his daughter who is ready to live a regular life tells Drac she’s leaving. The determination of a grandpa, or as he likes to call himself vam-pa, goes on a mission to get his grandsons’ fangs to come in, so his family can stay. Hey you can’t knock a vam-pa from trying to keep his family together. I did not see the first installment, but I did hear good things about it - from the light-hearted comedy to the kid-friendly plot. This trailer intrigued me enough to check out the first installment of Hotel Transylvania. But, I am interested to see vam-pa’s father. Count Dracula, who makes a special appearance. Check out the trailer, and share your thoughts.

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