Doppelgangers: How do the stars of Straight Outta Compton compare to their real life counterparts?



Straight Outta Compton is a really good movie. Like, a really really good movie with action, suspense, drama, and comedy all throughout that makes it one of the best films based on a musical group in recent memory. There are a lot of things that F. Gary Gray and company did correctly to make it such a great film but how did F. Gary Gray and company fare when casting actors to represent some of the most iconic hip hop artists of all time?


Jason Mitchell as Easy E

jason mitchell-Easy_E eazy-e3

Jason Mitchell is pretty spot on. Aside from having a slightly darker skin tone you can see that his face is pretty similar to that of the late rapper Easy E. Add in his high octave voice, mannerisms, and cali slang and Jason Mitchell is easily accepted as the leader of the world’s most dangerous group.


O’Shea Jackson, Jr. as Ice Cube


Ice Cube’s clone SON does an AMAZING job of recreating the mannerisms, energy, and attitude of the lyrical leader of the NWA. There are times that you forget that he’s not really Ice Cube and is actually just pretending. Some of the most awe inspiring and most chilling scenes in the film are when Junior hear steps into a recording booth or stage and recreates the energy that his father is famous for.


Corey Hawkins as Dr. Dre


Not quite as clone like as O’shea Jackson Jr. but pretty darn close is Corey Hawkins as Dr. Dre. He clearly practiced sounding like Dr. Dre as much as he worked on everything else with more than a few times when Dr. Dre’s actual voice is mixed into a performance that you can confuse it with Corey Hawkins own voice.


Neil Brown, Jr. DJ Yella

DJYella NeilBrown_DJYella

This is one role that was clearly cast for acting ability more than doppelganger looks. Neil Brown, Jr. has the same complexion but wouldn’t get a fan mistaking him for the famous DJ outside of this film. He delivers a pretty good performance purely based on his acting chops and charisma.


Aldis Hodge as MC Ren

MC_Ren AldisHodge_MC_Ren

Another role awarded more for ability than for looks is that of Mr. Aldis Hodge as MC Ren. He provides a fun performance but again, won’t have fans mistaking him for the original.


Keith Stanfield as Snoop Dogg


this one forced me to think twice as I’m more accustomed to Snoop Dogg with long hair rather than short but after digging through a few older photos I see the resemblence. Add on the fact that this guy gives one helluva Snoop Dogg impression with his voice and body language in the film and you have a clear understanding why he was awarded the role. This guy IS a young Snoop D-O-DOUBLE-G


R. Marcus Taylor as Suge Knight

R. Marcus Taylor_Suge Knight suge_knightC


R. Marcus Taylor IS Suge Knight in Mind, body, and soul. I have nothing bad to say Mr. Knight. At all. Period……..

Shout out to Death Row, sir!


Paul Giamatti as Jerry Heller

5HOndCdRBWpx jerry-heller_opt-300x300



I didn’t know what the hell Jerry Heller looked like until I did my research. Clearly Paul Giamatti is a shapeshifter because he pulled off the look pretty damn good. I can’t comment too much for mannerisms or speech as I have nothing to reference but overall there seems to be some resemblance in their looks.


Overall Straight Outta Compton has some pretty good casting, and the best part is that they were able to walk the walk in addition to just looking the part. Straight Outta Compton releases August 16th. Keep an eye out for my upcoming review.



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