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July 15, 2015

Comic Con 2015 Trailer Highlights

— Posted by Mo Baptiste

Comic-con was eventful as ever, even with the absence of Marvel, this year. This is just a quick run down of the trailers stood out to me:


1. Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer


I am one of the people who thinks Batman V Superman is going to suck. Personally, I believe they are trying to accomplish too much in one movie, but I will get to that in a later post. As far as this trailer goes, it is way better than the teaser. No, it was not perfect, but it was better than my initials expectations. With that being said, there were actually some pros to the trailer. They give us more details about the premise. Batfleck is owning the Bruce Wayne role. I have not seen enough to judge him as Batman, but his Bruce, I give a thumbs up. For every pro, there are cons. The first is them showing Zod. I was excited just as much or if not more, when I seen Zod in the body bag. But realistically, he is only going to be in the movie for four seconds. So the trailer lose a point for playing with my emotions. Secondly is Lex Luther’s hair. I am sorry, but it is so bad. It only serves as a distraction. Lastly, Wonder Woman … sigh … I have always despised the casting of Gal Godot, since the beginning. She is not just a bad actress, but she does not even look like Wonder Woman. And, I’m not talking about her face, but her body. There is a reason why Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck had to bulk up. Assuming a role, nonetheless a legendary superhero requires you to physically look or attempt to look like the person you are portraying. So unless the studios can turn




Into thisuploads_82f8417a-6b59-4e96-8f00-88d5d1051341-gina-carano-wonder-woman

I am uninterested because all I will see is this:



(Yes, copyright infringement at its best.)


2. Star Wars


Star Wars showed a heartwarming behind-the-scenes of the cast and crew along with their effects. This was probably my favorite out of everything. It is basically a DVD extra, but as a fan, I loved the peek behind the curtains. I am not even going to spoil it for you. This one you will just have to watch for yourself.



3. Suicide Squad trailer


Let me cut straight to the chase because no one cares about anything else in this trailer, except the Joker and you know what. I like their rendition of the psychopath clown. The laugh was a little off but not by much. I honestly cannot wait to see more. But besides that, the trailer as a whole was simply okay. It had its ups and downs. Margot Robbie and Viola Davis are definitely two ups, while at the same token, Jai Courtney and Will Smith are two of the downs. Despite this, I still have high hopes for this film



4. The Man From U.N.CL.E Comic Con Trailer


The Man From U.N.CL.E has not really impressed me thus far. I like the actors and the action looks good. BUT, there is not anything else that captivates my attention enough to make me go out and see the film. Until I saw the comic con trailer, I did not realize how much this movie has everything. What worked for me was the length of the trailer. In this case, a long lengthed trailer actually worked, because it felt as if I was watching the film. Which some people might see as bad. They managed to show me so much without showing me anything. There is no piece of information that I have learned from this trailer that I did not already know. In my eyes, it was a smart play and I really do hope it pays off.



5. Sinister


Sinister 2 took it to the streets to promote its new film while dropping a new trailer. To avoid being redundant on my hatred for this film, I am going to keep it short. One word for this trailer is index . It does not even get the courtesy of me inserting a trailer link.


But besides that, there are so much more that happened: Hateful8, Batmobile, World of Warcraft , Deadpool, X-men, and many, many, more. These are just the ones that stood out to me.


What was your favorite part of Comic Con? Let me know in the comments section below.


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