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April 19, 2015

Batman V Superman Official Teaser

— Posted by Mo Baptiste

I’m torn about this teaser. On one hand, I know this is just a teaser and the movie is a year away. They can only reveal, but so much, at this point and time. However, the fan boy inside of me hates this teaser WITH a passion. I wasn’t excited at all. To be completely truthful, I was mostly bored. What I despise most is the tone of the teaser. It’s taking itself way too seriously. I don’t want a character piece of a comic book superhero. We already had one and it was called Superman: Returns. We saw how well that turned out ( no offense Bryan Singer). This is Batman V Superman. Warner Brothers, you don’t have to try so hard. We are going to love the film regardless. The best part of the teaser, that everyone universally loves, was five words spoken by Batman: ” Do you bleed?” …” You will”. People lost their minds. Hell, I lost my mind and it was simple. Six months or so, when an official trailer drops, I might change my tune entirely. But, for now, I felt it was a little lackluster.




I have no idea, how they are going to fit Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Aquaman into this.






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  • ComicBookGuy Henderson

    I think its looks wonderful, I want a character study of the two heros, we have the marvel films for the fin stuff, but for something a little deeper we have DC. (hopefully)

  • AldOo rosales

    I think that it would be a good movie, despite Afflec anf Cavill, I mean Snyder is a good director and maybe he capture the ral darkness of batman and the true value of Superman

    • ComicBookGuy Henderson

      the tone and imagery is wonderful has me really excited. Just gave us enough.

  • Man_of_Sin

    Cyborg is in it?

    • Anthony Whyte

      Yep, Ray Fisher is playing Cyborg!

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