Batman V Superman Sneak Peek Clip

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Full disclosure … personally, I think Batman V Superman is going to suck balls, but I hold out hope that I’m wrong. However, this sneak peak did nothing to increase that hope. At a first glance, seeing Superman walk down the hall to reveal a chained up Batman looks amazing. I can’t even lie. But, then at a second look, you realize it’s just Superman walking down a hall to see a chained up Batman. This is nothing spectacular. And, on top of this, they try to build up tension in the unveiling as if we didn’t know who was under the mask. Side note: if you didn’t know who was underneath the mask, go kill yourself. You have no reason for reading this article in the first place. You know what would have made this clip fucking fantastic? What if after Superman took off Batman’s mask, he decided to melt it with his heat vision. That would have been badass. You know how badass? Enough to have me dancing like a fat girl on Thanksgiving badass. Okay, enough about me. What did you think about the sneak peak? Was it awesome or was it bla-hhh? Let me know below.


P.S Whats the deal with trench coat Batman?

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