WWE Packs A Punch At SummerSlam with Stewart and Amell



WWE brought the big names to Brooklyn for SummerSlam, and they sure made an impact. SummerSlam is the second biggest event of the year for the WWE (WrestleMania is first) and this years guest host for SummerSlam was none other than the recently retired host of The Daily Show Jon Stewart. The WWE have had celebrity guest hosts in the past for their events, but Stewart might have made the biggest impact ever.


Aside from Stewart, CW’s Arrow Stephen Amell wrestled at the show teaming up with Neville to face Stardust and King Barrett. Amell had an impressive showing. He displayed his top notch athleticism, and connected with a vicious kick to Stardust’s face. Amell did take some kicks, punches, and some hard hitting moves from his opponents. Ultimately Amell and Neville prevailed and earned the victory. Stephell Amell has had one busy week. He was bombarded at Wizard World Chicago with hundreds of fans hoping to get an autograph and picture with him. There is no denying this guy is popular, and a rising star in the entertainment business. After seeing him get in the ring tonight, he might have a solid future in the WWE if he were to ever choose going that route. Amell is a huge WWE fan, and it was pretty cool seeing him get a chance to live out his dream in the ring.



Jon Stewart didn’t end up being just some host of the event. The WWE World Heavyweight Championship was on the line when Seth Rollins defended the title in a title for title match against United State Champion John Cena. In a fantastic match that featured an array of high flying moves from Rollins, and the constant push back from Cena, there seemed to be no end to the match. That all changed when Stewart ran down to the ring with a chair in his hand. Stewart shocked the world when he hit Cena straight in the gut with the chair. Rollins took advantage of the shocking turn and proceeded to apply his finishing maneuver The Pedigree for the three count and the win. Monday Night Raw will be interesting tomorrow, as Stewart has a lot to answer for. Rollins continues to get by as champ, now he adds the United States Championship around his waist. I was surprised to see Stewart have this big of a impact in such an important match. Not sure if he should be the guy costing Cena the title, but this is just the beginning of this feud.



In the main event world beater and former UFC champ Brock Lesnar took on the legendary Undertaker. In what was a thrilling spectacle (Lesnar ended Undertakers historical WrestleMania win streak) that went back and forth. Blood was shed by Lesnar. He looked like a savage beast with blood spewing from his forehead. Undertaker took a nasty bump when Brock F5’d him onto the announcers table, crushing it apart. Undertaker kept fighting back. The match came to a close in a controversial finish way, when Undertaker apparent tap out wasn’t seen by the referee, in turn Undertaker got the pin on Lesnar for the win. The fallout from this match will be something to follow.



Whether you are a WWE fan or not, SummerSlam was a fun show. If you don’t own the WWE Network it sure is worth the investment at only $9.99 per month. It costs more to see a movie these days. The WWE has put a focus on incorporating celebrities to their shows and tonight was definitely a proof of that. I enjoyed the show. There were some great matches. Cesaro and Kevin Owens put on a great match also. I was super impressed with Amell and his work in the ring, not to mention his physique. Stewart was the centerpiece of the event with his turn on Cena, which I’m not sure was the best decision, though it did cost Cena a record tying 16th World Championship (Ric Flair holds the record). Seth Rollins was spectacular, though his questionable all white Power Ranger looking outfit might need to be retired immediately. This means that Monday Night RAW (USA Network 8/7C) will be a must see show on Monday. All this action and I still have Lana on my mind. Just Google Lana and you will know what I mean.


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