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September 18, 2014

Sony offers first look at animated Popeye

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony



I vaguely remember that a CGI Popeye film being announced a while back and I guess someone at Sony must’ve noticed that everyone forgot because they’re reintroducing the film and giving us a look all-in-one. Nice. Well for those of us who are curious, (*Cough*80’s babies*cough*), here’s the first official look at the aesthetics of our titular hero. Check it out:



Popeye is fresh in my head thanks to Robin Williams as he was the original actor to introduce me to the character in theaters but this new CGI take seems… alright. I like the design, I like the color palette, I like the overall wackiness of the world and characters. As a former animation student I really like a lot of what I see and I can admit that I’m often in awe of what these guys can technically produce and do now with CGI but for the life of me I can’t see myself watching this in theaters. I can’t see my kid wanting to see this in theaters either because he doesn’t even know who Popeye is… hopefully this leads into or is preceded by a TV or something otherwise I have no idea who they expect to see this thing… unless it’s a Robin Williams homage. Then I’d watch.


Let me know what you think. Later..


Source: Sony Pictures Animation



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