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October 16, 2014

Interview: Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl

— Posted by Jim Alexander



With the release of Leprechaun: Origins, I spoke to the leprechaun himself, WWE wrestler Dylan Postl, aka Hornswoggle. Here is what we touched upon:


Jim: Whats’s up Dylan.


Dylan: Jim, how are you boss.


Jim: This being a WWE film, and you being a WWE wrestler, how did this role come about for you?


Dylan: To be honest, they got the rights to the Leprechaun franchise. They thought who was going to do this? So they were like, ohh we have a resident leprechaun, let’s give it to him! Makes sense, so that’s how I kinda fell into the hole.


Jim: That’s damn convenient. Well, I must ask what’s the parallel between this version of Leprechaun versus the original?


Dylan: To me, Zach Lipovsky said it’s supposed to be the origins of the Leprechaun. If you ask me it’s so completely different. It’s nothing like the other ones. It’s not campy, it’s not hokey, there are no poems, it’s a straight horror film. I think people are surprised with that. They are expecting it to be one of the old Leprechaun films, and it’s not.


Jim: It’s definitely not like the original.


Dylan: If you go into it, it’s a horror film, it’s amazing. I really stand up for this film, and not just because I’m in it or it’s a WWE film, I just think it’s a good horror film.


Jim: WWE films have been active in the horror genere, with See No Evil, they have done a solid job at it to this point.


Dylan: Yeah, Kane’s See No Evil is so amazing in itself. See No Evil 2 already looks awesome in the couple trailers that have been released. We are definitely going with this franchise into the horror realm, and I do enjoy our (WWE) horror films. I’m not a horror fan very much, at all. Ours are very entertaining and enjoyable.


Jim: How would you describe or pitch this film to a casual WWE fan that follows you on WWE?


Dylan: I would say that for the week before you see this movie, do not watch anything with me on WWE (laughs). What you’re going to get on-screen with Leprechaun Origins is so completely different from WWE. I really reflected nothing on my WWE character for when I did Leprechaun Origins. It’s so different. If you are seeing it, have a mindset that you are seeing a horror film, not a Leprechaun franchise film.


Jim: This isn’t your first film. You recently had a Muppets film. Is acting something you are transitioning more towards or is this more of a hobby on the side?


Dylan: It kinda just happened. I would love to. I had so much fun on Muppets Most Wanted, and Leprechaun Origins. It’s much easier on my body, not having to get slammed through tables and hit with chairs. Wrestling definitely holds a place in my heart, it’s all I ever wanted to do. I still hold true to that, and really believe that. One thing I wanted to do all my life is to be a professional wrestler. For the last eight and a half years I have accomplished that. It’s great that these opportunities like Muppets Most Wanted and Leprechaun Origins come up because of WWE, and I’m so thankful for that. Would I like to transition? I would. Would I stop wrestling to transition? No. I would always want to wrestle. It was definitely fun and a good time. I’m a WWE Superstar that did two movies in one year.


Jim: That’s actually pretty impressive. That’s a stat line that you get to hold.


Dylan: Yeah, Miz calls himself an A-lister but did two movies in four years. I did two in less than a year haha. You can say Dwayne, but he’s a guest Superstar.


Jim: You have performed for thousands of people in the WWE over the years. How has being on camera every week on WWE help you with film acting?


Dylan: It’s completely different. In WWE it’s only one take, and you get that immediate reaction. When you do film, you don’t get the immediate reaction. You have to finish the scene and wait. Do it again. It’s very different in that you don’t get the immediate reaction, almost that pat on the back like you would in WWE. The precision in the takes. For a 30 second bit you film that for a day.


Jim: How long do you foresee your WWE career continuing, how much longer do you wanna do it for?


Dylan: You never know, really you just never know. I love WWE, I love what I do and I’m happy. I’ve gotten do live a dream for eight and a half years now. I’m happy for the two matches on PPV that I had this year. The WeeLC and the hair versus mask match. That stands up to any match on the card. You had Evolution vs. The Shield on the card, and you had two little guys going at it in a WeeLC match, and we blew the main event out of water. We literally thank Dolph Ziggler for stealing for stealing the show. I really do love wrestling, and see myself doing it for the rest of my life. Where am I going career wise in the next few years? I have no idea. I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow. I can’t remember what I even ate for breakfast this morning. I’d love to be in WWE. Keep making people happy and putting smiles on their faces, but you never know. I’d love to another movie or TV work. You need to keep an open mind in life, you just can’t settle. Never settle for something, you have to be happy and I’ve been happy for the past eight and a half years.


Jim: I know you are originally from Wisconsin, Oshkosh. I’m based in Chicago.


Dylan: Don’t start! Can we cancel this interview please?


Jim: Hahaa. You guys are going to be in Chicago for RAW on Monday, and there is a Bears vs. Packers game here also.


Dylan: I just realized the game is on Sunday and we have RAW on Monday in Chicago.


Jim: Is this something you will be keeping an eye on this weekend hah?


Dylan: The only thing I have gone to Chicago for is a Switch concert last year. I will never support that stadium , I’ll never support anything in Chicago. I love Chicago for Giordano’s (pizza) and that’s literally it. Not just because of the Bears and Packers rivalry.


Jim: Of course! But you gotta admit the Allstate Arena is one of the hottest venues for professional wrestling.


Dylan: I was just about to say. When it comes to WWE, that is our best crowd in the country. You can ask anyone on the roster, Chicago is the best crowd in the whole country! It’s insane. It will be interesting. Our Packers (his not mine) haven’t looked good against the Lions yesterday. Week 4 against the Jets they looked amazing. I’m hoping the Jets destroy the Bears tonight (that didn’t happen). It will be interesting. Next day, we will be in God’s country…Milwaukee! Once you cross that Illinois-Wisconsin border you are back in God’s country. Short drive from my house in Oshkosh. That’s going to be a huge day for me as it’s also when the DVD comes out. I’m close to home.


Jim: Ohh, so you still live in Wisconsin?


Dylan: Yeah man, I will never move! Never in my life. I moved from Oshkosh to Green Bay for 2 years, and honestly it was too big for me! That’s the kind of small town guy I am. I love small-town and being able to trust the guy across the street and across town from me. My family is here, my son is here, my best friends are here. I never want to move, it’s where I’m happy.


Jim: Thanks so much for your time Dylan.


Dylan: Thanks man, I really appreciate it.




Follow Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl on Twitter: @wwehornswoggle


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