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July 19, 2014

Dwayne Johnson and the cast of HERCULES prepare for battle

— Posted by The "Superior" Anthony



Here’s a neat little featurette featuring Brett Ratner and Dwayne Johnson as they discuss the battles and fighting styles developed and utilized for the upcoming release of Hercules. I’m warming up to the idea of the movie and I feel like I’m getting better at looking toward this film without a clean slate. This featurette does a lot to address my apprehension mainly because the Rock is just f’n charismatic as a kitty vine.



Initially I hated the idea of this movie because it was being directed by Brett Ratner and I tend to hate on the guy. In hindsight I realize that this movie is moreso in his realm and isn’t more than he can handle when he’s motivated. Sure he did some odd things with the X-Men franchise but if you take away all the baggage that comes with an X-Film and get a clean slate he might have had something that could have stood on it’s own two and that’s my outlook toward this movie now. Let me know what you think about this one in the comments.


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