A smarter way of booking movie tickets in India




Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you reached the movie theatre just minutes before a movie and you find yourself at the end of a never ending queue to book your tickets? Missing the start of a good movie is the worst thing that can ever happen at a theater. You can avoid this situation completely by simply booking your tickets online. The minute you decide which movie you want to watch, simply go online and book your seats through a quick and easy process.


consumers_350_110711023727Online movie booking is becoming very popular these days not only because of the convenience associated with it but also because this process ensures you get the best seats in the theater. You will have the upper hand being among the first to book your tickets and will be able to easily select the best seats in the house. The entry of online ticket booking could mean bad news for those who still use the traditional method of going to the theater and booking tickets as you might even reach early for the movie and still find all the good seats taken by those who booked online. Avoid being in this situation and book your tickets the smarter way.


While for most people this would be enough to convince them to book movie tickets online, there is yet another reason to make the switch for those stuck in their traditional routine. Did you know you can save a lot of money when you book tickets online? Fantastic discounts on movie tickets are awaiting you when you book online, making a trip to the theaters more affordable than ever before. A popular online site to do your movie ticket bookings is Bookmyshow.com as it has a very simple step by step process to follow and also provides you with the most exciting discounts on every ticket you book.


Bookmyshow Mumbai has also partnered with Couponraja.in to make discounts available to the public through coupon codes. Visit Couponraja.in and redeem your coupon codes for a discount of Rs. 100 on your next movie ticket booking from Bookmyshow. This offer is only for ICICI Bank customers and is only valid till the end of August. If you are not an ICICI Bank customers, don’t fret, you can get hold of another coupon code giving you a free ticket for every ticket you book which is valid on Visa Infinite, Signature as well as on Indusind Bank Debit Cards.


To add to your joys, Bookmyshow also has an app for your smartphone device and so does Couponraja. You can use these apps to book movie tickets and also save on them, anytime, anywhere. You will also receive updates of the latest discounts from Bookmyshow, allowing you to plan your movie dates around those offers. A trip to the theater is about to get a whole lot more affordable for you with these apps. It’s time for you to catch up with a more effective way of booking your movie tickets.



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  • https://creamerscinemacraze.wordpress.com/ Matt Timmy Creamer

    This is a very interesting article. Since we’re heading into a more technological society, it only makes sense then that movie theaters change gears and allow tickets to be pre-purchased online. However, I find that it is a bit inconvenient for those (including myself) who prefer the traditional method. Also, by making guests purchase the tickets online, I feel this can also hurt guests who may have changed their mind. Or perhaps, something came up and are now in a hole to try and either re-sell the tickets online (which may be too late), or have someone else pay them for their tickets so they can go to the movies. I believe that this new process could do more harm than good.