Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers for Nathan Fillion and unlikely cameo




There has been a lot of buzz regarding Nathan Fillion having a role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film and everyone has been wondering what that role will be. There has been a lot of speculation regarding his role with some thinking he would voice the role of Cosmo and others thinking he would be a major character like Nova. Unfortunately, that is not the case.


It turns out that Fillion’s role will be almost completely insignificant. His role is borderline extra material as he will be playing nothing more than a monstrous prison inmate. This is very disappointing for his fans I’m sure but the next spoiler is sure to be even more intriguing but in a humorous sense.


So who is the next mysterious character to appear? Is it an unstoppable force that poses an eminent threat to the Guardians? Is it a milestone character that will begin to foreshadow Marvel Phase 3? The answer is…Howard the Duck! *Insert generic Debbie Downer sound here*

howard the duck

It is uncertain as to how they will tie Howard into the film but given the jovial and humorous tone of the Guardians of the Galaxy, I’d say this film is the best place for Howard the Duck to make an appearance. This film will definitely have a much different tone compared to other Marvel Studios’ films, especially now with a slapstick character like Howard the Duck joining the film. It will be interesting to see how the Guardians connect with the rest of the film universe.

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