The Monuments Men: A great movie based on a true story


“The Monuments Men” is the new masterpiece brought to us by the Columbia Pictures and directed by the amazing George Clooney. It tells an incredible story of seven men, who in the times of the Second World War were tasked with a super important mission of retrieving over 5 million of artifacts stolen by the Nazi party.


The task was assigned to museum directors and curators had to enter the enemy’s country and do their best to steal the stolen artifacts from the worst evil power of the time. These aren’t soldiers and they weren’t as prepared for the environment as others were but the importance of the stolen pieces is indisputable, because the most efficient way to destroy a civilization is to destroy its culture. That’s what Hitler tried to do. The evil plan of the Nazi was almost successfully managed. But there were the men who fought for what they believed in. The Monuments Men are true heroes and role models for our generation. That’s what is missing from us, and that’s what they were full of, a sense of an incredible dedication to what matters the most.


“The Monuments Men” is an incredible movie that is totally worth time and attention. It has an amazing cast, starring not only the gorgeous Matt Damon, but also stars Bill Murray, John Goodman, Cate Blanchett, Bob Balaban, George Clooney and many other talented actors. I recommend that you do not lose the chance to witness how seven great men protected the greatest achievements of the humankind. “The Monuments Men” is the movie that’s going to make you treasure the past. There is no way we can survive the future, without knowing the past. Based on an amazing true story, this film is going to totally impress the audience.



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3 thoughts on “The Monuments Men: A great movie based on a true story

  1. This movie got a lot of bad reviews and I don’t know why that was. It had some good performances and nothing I felt deserved the bad press. I was hoping The Noble Sculptor book ( would have been done by now. It has a related story that sounds really good, too. I’m on their list to know when it’s ready. The other really good one on the Monuments Men is The Rape of Europa. It is a full fledged documentary that came out several years ago. That’s really good to give the full story of what was going on with the art at the time.

  2. Historical movies have always been successful. In addition, The Monuments Men (2014), has in distribution big names, such as George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman. For many people history is nothing but who does not learn history, a repeat. The world wants the wars that were? Follow historical movies.

  3. In reality, it was the German mine workers who saved the works of art when they were ordered destroyed. (that is why this is “based on a true story”)

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