The new International trailer for ‘Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier’

As is the case with Super Bowl time the movie studios have released a torrent of promotional clips to promote films that are going to be hitting theaters throughout the remainder of the year. One trailer that has quickly caught the attention of my nerd senses is this new international trailer for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. Check it out:


[springboard type=”video” id=”873245″ player=”tmbg001″ width=”599″ height=”336″ ]


Not sure if this is what Joe Johnston envisioned way back when he pitched the idea around on the internetz, but I do appreciate a lot of what I see. Anthony Mackie as the Falcon will be a nice contrast to the banter that Evans exchanged with the Avengers and/or Bucky, and the action seems to be on par with what we’ve been seeing from Marvel films as of late. I can’t wait to see how this film will fit into the whole ‘moving toward Thanos’ thing, and whether or not Marvel flexed their lawyers for Hugo Weaving to return as the Red Skull but this movie is up there on my radar. Waaay up there.


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