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December 23, 2013

How to make a good thriller

— Posted by Bud Boomer


There are lots of great and successful thriller movies in the cinema industry, but what makes them so popular and leads to the huge box offices and audience acceptance? Legendary movie maker and brilliant director Ridley Scott knows how to make a good thriller. Just take what the thriller genre requires, add some original ideas and let the magic begin.


For his new thriller movie, Scott did his best and presented new fantastic thriller with his personal and unusual vision of this genre. A good thriller movie requires well-known movie stars and Scott hired the most famous Hollywood actors such as Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Micheal Fassbender, Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz and they became the sparkling diamonds of this movie.


The main character needs to have one of the most famous careers. The original screenplay writer Cormac McCarthy presents the main character as a very successful and respectful lawyer. It is important the main role to be played by famous actor, then the audience will accept the character and sympathize it.


It is better to introduce the main characters at the beginning of a movie, as the filmmakers did in the newest Ridley Scott’s film. The Counsellor trailer presents all important figures of the movie in the beginning and shows a small part of the storyline to kindle watchers’ interest.


The place where the storyline happens is important as well. A big city or an uptown district with incredible big mansions and cars will be a great choice. Scott chose a glamorous way: highways with expensive bikes and cars, big mansions full of sunlight and luxurious furniture.


Interesting and different characters will fancy a movie in a great way. McCarthy created just perfect roles for new thriller. A rich lawyer called Counsellor has everything but still wants more and is ready to lose it all to make as more money as possible. His girlfriend Laura is a very naïve woman who sees only good side in people and she is deeply in love with Counsellor, she cannot even predict what her fiancée is up to. Reiner, a rich criminal figure, lives in a big mansion and thinks that he is an important person in the drug business but honestly, he is a true coward. Malkina, Reiner’s girlfriend, a devil woman, she isn’t afraid of anything and is always ready to make some money. This character is the most stylish in the whole thriller. Real fashionistas would kill for outfits which Malkina wears in the movie.


A good thriller movie needs catching plot as well as several violent and chasing scenes. The Counsellor includes it all. The plot is a little bit complicated and keeps in tension, some violent scenes are truly shocking. And the chase takes a bigger part of the line, when Mexican drug cartels start to follow the main character in order to kill him.


And, of course, the end of the movie must just blow the audience’s mind and Sir Ridley Scott is a master of the great endings. Watch Scott’s latest thriller and it will really blow your mind.

The Counsellor trailer

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